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Movin Bricks

Nov 24 2008 | BPM: 78 | Producer: Slantize
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46 Feedback

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Tetris theme using video game instruments with a hard drum pattern.

Moods: Frantic, Silly

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46 Feedback to “Movin Bricks”

  1. Great beat!
    I wish I could find more like this.

  2. are kidding me Dr. Mario remixed lol epic beat

  3. What if someone samples this shit,like the solo synth part at the start and the end but with different drums n all than?

  4. tertris :DDD

  5. 我类个擦!

  6. good shit but i dont think that i my rap on this but its so silly and crazy to be like my type or somthing but its dope i like to hear it and am under the drugs and the weed

  7. Russian theme )) best

  8. I hate it.
    Dunno… too joyfull.
    The chorus, at least.

  9. it is similar to some old gypsy song …

  10. ima gona drop something on dis fire , slant pure FIRE

  11. yea MAN Strife Divine’s right trust me we do need more video game sounding beats like great job is it possible for u to send me dis beat

  12. Slant, u need to make more video game sounding beats like this.. Don’t have to be from actual games.. Make some original sounding shit that has a video gameish vibe to it..


  14. I Liked It So Much I Bought It. Checc My Tracc “Movin Briccs” At

    @kromatik, how funny that your avatar is tetris when the beat you commented on uses the melody from tetris

  15. This beat is retardedly dope. I’ve been bangin it for the last like 3 hours now. It’s fuckin beautiful…might just be the drugs…but I’m lovin it.

  16. you got da best on this site, big fan keep it up homie

  17. yo…. I couldn’t have done it better. I tried to make the beat but you beat me to it. Truthfully, I think I would have desecrated and shamed Tetris by attemping to slap it with Hip Hop Juice. You should try the Zelda Theme if you haven’t done so already… that is if it’s not copyrighted. As for the ABC schmuck… Go check your sources next time funny face!! Keep it up Homie!!! This is surely your purpose in life!! 1ne.


  18. they will probally ask u to remove it if anything but idk much bout it. i would keep it up here cuz its dope though. but yea this shit is crazy if anyone wants to do a track wit me to dis one hit me up

  19. This too sick!


  21. Fuck every body thiz beatz Dope.

  22. I’ll pass on this one.. not slantize in his finest.. you definately need a southern producer on your team to knock out that aspect of the industry

  23. Not always expect a good comment. I do not like this beat…
    sounds like something i could make on my phone like some POLYPHONIC RING TONE…
    i do not see how this ring tone beat has got the reviws and rateings it has..

  24. 0.0 i never seen so many ratings so fast.

    and ya slantize isint stupid hes does hes homework.

    he would never put out a beat if it was against a copyright =p

  25. güzel beat aslında ;)

  26. One Sexy beat i love it PROPZ

  27. Once again you have made a beat that keeps thangs pop’n and little thangs stop’n

  28. agree wit whoeva stated their comment bout southern beats. every “southern or crunk” beat still sounds like a northern producer did it on here. listen to drumma boy or justice league or dj toomp hell even dj paul and juicy j thats southern…there are a few southern sounding bangers on here and a few club beats that are fire. however a lot of the beats got too much in them and sounds be off like certain keys of certain instruments. it may be my ear or my perception. i do like this beat ….adp and smoke need to knock out some more south bangers cuz errday 2 deep hala x and sinima use da same sound/drum kits on every underground/east coast beat but there a “new” one errday whereas the southern beats are once a week if it dont get over ruled by club/pop/urban/r&b beat…….

  29. i am sorry but tetris is my all time favorite lame game ever… this beat is sicker than aids boy

  30. bubble bobble….. you should look into that one next.

  31. haha i actually like this, a lot.

  32. would have been perfect to market to super nintendo, you are a little over a decade late.

  33. Now Usualy I Dont Like The Category Of Silly Songs But This Is Off The Hook Haha. Luv Video Game Type Beats, Like That Other Beat On Here That Sounds Like A Sega Game I ForGot The Name. Very Nice Hommie ~1~

  34. thats not a southern beat. no disrespect its creative, but every beat with a synth or a sound effect is not a southern beat. listen to some pastor troy,
    (the tha city) then come back wit a new mind set…… i love ur beats but this one was a miss. keep puttin out bangas though. *Willi@m TRUTH*

  35. pretty raw my man.

  36. daaamn, that melody is awesome! Keep doin yo thang!

  37. when i first heard this i was like OMG TETRIS lol!! now i feel like rapping up a storm to it whos with me?! Good Job Slant

  38. Actually the Tetris theme is based off of Korobeiniki which was written in 1861. This theme is in the public domain and copyright free.

  39. what infringment tho? he made the beat himself, because it has a video-game like sound to it? or u say that because rebelutionary said “beautiful nintendo ass beat” and the fact that he said nintendo means an infringment….if that is the case, then all the producers whoever made a beat will be getting owned, because theres always a beat that sounds similar to someone elses beat somewhere, or people who make their beats n have beat thats based off another song, or “timbo style beat”..youd have to say to that the same as this…..if this were called “classic game style beat” or w.e..u kno what i mean?

    in anycase, hot beat slant i know someones gona rip this

  40. Why is this beat even for sale? Copyright infringment right there, out the ass. Be careful, one call to The DMA (Direct MArketing Association) and someone gets a representative and the site could be taken down, period. Just a heads up. And don’t leave stupid ass comments below this saying “Fuck off, lies, blah blah, bullshit, blah, get the fuck out” because this is a simple word of WARNING. Not a threat, thanks kiddos!

  41. tetris kicks ass ;)


  43. Beat is fantastic… well done slantize ;)

  44. That melody is awesome!!! Great work Slantize!!!

  45. raw as fuck slant… murdered this shit!!!

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