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Break Free

Nov 25 2008 | BPM: 81.5 | Producer: 2Deep
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154 Feedback

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Soft, sad piano and flute melody with bass guitar and saw synths on a slow drum beat.

Moods: Dark, Sad

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154 Feedback to “Break Free”

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  63. Shadowville Family - What If:

  64. rty

  65. Im so glad I got a hold of this before it was unavailable
    and imma use it anyways

  66. Shadowville the best beat .. my favorite beat number one !

  67. hello brothers if any of you have the instrumental could happen to me please my messenger is


  69. yo somebody send this beat to me at: i wana make a pretty sick track wit this beat.

  70. damn, crazy beat, mad respect 2deep…. keep doing you thing, peace

  71. Can Someone Please Send This Beat To : I’ll Repost When I Record It

  72. nice!

  73. fdgdfg

  74. i’ma make a beat to this

    @tomsissons,* beast

  75. nice instrument:)

  76. hello brothers if any of you have the instrumental could happen to me please my messenger is I would greatly appreciate if you send me e-mail att: the hiphopata

  77. Hi friends, this beat is in the hands of MSN can send me? Thank you in advance has long been looking for this beat ..

  78. 5

  79. the its not hear lol you fuckin………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..fucker

  80. Why does not beat in this? Perfect beat… ;)


  82. it’s very good
    the frenchy!!!

  83. yarak gibi beat le var a.q

  84. süper beat tebrikler ilk kaydımıda bu beatle almıştım :)

  85. The Best Beat

  86. rap city turkey - İZMİR

  87. adam ol sicoe

  88. hey sicoe mather fuck :):):

  89. good beats

  90. eiiiii it is very good man,congratulacion. :)
    i’m mc sO..i used it ok?
    my contact : if you add me i say you when i will have got a singer ok?


    ” engañando al tiempo para soñar despierto y morir soñando ”


  91. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh so woooooooow

  92. it’s very good
    the frenchy!!!

  93. Türkler Varmı Lan bu sitede :D:D Zaa Rap arka plan muzık nerden bulcaz ??

  94. For me, I used it for a “RIP” song… I definetely think it’s one of the best beats out there in Shadowville. It definitely deserves to be in the top 10… Makes me think hard… Giving some dark/sad thoughts… Just wow…

  95. eyw iş görür :D

  96. it’s a bit slow not my style

  97. let me know what u think of the rough version. this beat hella inspired me ..

  98. bruh this sh!t is honestly the dopest beat that ive ever heard

  99. Soft man!

  100. GooD BeAtt i wish all the other beat’s to be like this beat

  101. sikc beat g

  102. man cool it s good … :D! http://www.Myspace.COM/06KomedyeN new track

  103. amk sikilmiş beat :D sırf türklermi giriyo lan bu siteye :D

  104. woooooooooooooow

  105. Bakıcazz :)

  106. Bu beati kullandım… :D

  107. I am Sefa
    Very Very Good ty

  108. very very nice beat.i think the best i ´ve heard. respect!

  109. cooooooooooool

  110. I really think “let me live my life” is the most greatest beat in shadowville history up till now.

  111. luv this beat

  112. Super . thanks

  113. verygood,I like

  114. Nice! Так держать! =))

  115. gotta love it!

  116. Hit!!!!!!!!!!

  117. super tare beetu

  118. i absolutely love this beat..amazing

  119. hi guys just one question okei? you know when im buy license can i use it for one beat or more?

  120. saglammmmmmm

  121. this is the best!

  122. I bought a non-exclusive license for this beat. It’s definitely inspiring. If anybody is interested in what I’ve put on it, check it out, I’ve called it “Silence & Solace” -

    Great production.

  123. so NiCee

  124. nice beat…:)

  125. incredible

  126. dang this is one of the sickest beats here

  127. dope on top of that DOPE

  128. THIS BEAT IS HOT!!!!

  129. this beat is very very good

  130. romantik?

  131. great beat :)

  132. this beat is hella sick

  133. made a song to dis beat called I Wanna Be Famous check it out

  134. i really like this beat, relaxed yet powerful, good job, 5/5

  135. u did great work on dat,… much respect

    peace out

  136. this beat is mind blowing. really gets them creative juices flowing. mad props on that.

  137. wonderfull

  138. Whats popin names hanibal first time on da site and these niggaz got beats like none other somebody hit me up

  139. dude this is infinity here wit my band infinit south and i just want to congrad you on the best damm beat i’ve ever should make more beats like that. the other beat i like is “ride out.” your the first person i send a comment to because the rest of the beat makers suck. can you try to make a inspirational beat like eminems song. your beats are gonna get me out of this hell hole i call home. anyway keep up the good work and much respect to you. peace out

  140. this really best beat

  141. Oh my god this is the best beat from this site !!! congratulations ..i already made a track on it, it is vey inspiring… very good work

  142. oh my days!! sickness burv, keep that shit goin

  143. goddamn typo hindering*

  144. correction that damn hi hat thats wats killin it wat i mean by killin it is hindern it from the beat it can be

  145. can i say 1 thing get a new drum loop plz its killin all ur beats other than that its hot

  146. This beat makes me think hard…


  147. Im Loving This Beat

  148. damn this beat iz hella tight i could straight ride 2 this

  149. agreed with shifte

  150. one of the best 2deep beats i heard

  151. Nice = ] , havent seen any real epic hard core stuff in long time, can we get some of that soon

  152. Hej.Man.This really best beat to long time.But,can you do beat with rage?This beat very nice

  153. love this beat.

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