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My Type Of Girl

Nov 29 2008 | BPM: 80 | Producer: Slantize
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23 Feedback

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Moving bassline and choir on a sad note, with gated synths on the chorus with violins and pianos throughout.

Moods: Inspiring, Sad
Genres: Pop, R&B, Urban

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23 Feedback to “My Type Of Girl”

  1. yea muy bueno

  2. Damn, whoever this girl is, she must have an epic walk!

  3. Eminiem did a song to this beat crazy…. “Anthem of The Kings”

  4. I wrote a track to this beat for my girl.
    she loved it, thanks slantize for a straight up beat !!
    your the man. 1000/1000

  5. Nice Beat

  6. made*

  7. hey you mada this on my birthday thanks =D

  8. ilahimi lan bu:D

  9. Yo Slantiz prod of u cuz ( yes he is ma cuz )

  10. ILL HOMIE! 1000/1000


  11. i m from marocco i nead somme insrumentals rap

  12. damn ! ffs i like it..amazing..

  13. Luv dis beat man i already finished my song 4 it

  14. when it comes to Slantize he always has the best beats thats fo show, love the beat man really 5/5 i could already imagine the flow and everythin. dont forget to check out DReyJin at, for samples of raps usin Slantize beats man. Seriously man ur like the best producer here man thats for real.

  15. Yo Slantize!!! Keep, Keep doing your thang bro you the BEST producer In Shadowville Productions. Luv this one right here! 5/5! :)

  16. sick tune, the first POP genre beat in a LONG time, make them MORE often, im sick of EVERY beat being underground, dark or dirty south.

  17. love it

  18. yo lil nate go jumo out of ur window.

  19. luvs it alot all these haters on here need 2 gone this shit off the chain boy u good u can produc. me when i get big

  20. lil nate ur wack. you wouldnt know a good beat if it snared you in the face

    beats fire man, 16bars written already

  21. FIIIIIIIIIRE ! WOW ! 5/5 !

  22. Eh I would give you 1/5 not very impressive….it’s WACK!!!!!!!

  23. WOOOOOW! This Beat is EXCELLENT!!! , EXCELLENT work Slantize!

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