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Some Day

Dec 01 2008 | BPM: 87 | Producer: Smoke
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15 Feedback

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Ambient pads, soft bells, romantic pianos, and steady muted guitars with hard east coast drums.

Moods: Relaxed, Sad
Genres: East Coast, R&B, Urban

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15 Feedback to “Some Day”

  1. Achat medicaments francaise pas cher # Pharmacie en ligne fiable.

  2. Hahaha , you’re right, this could definitely be background music on an automated weather program channel with no weatherman.

  3. but good job

  4. i can add that is also like the weather program generic…..

  5. This beat is fuckin’ awesome, yo. I love the spacial atmosphere…I’m tempted to get on it, even though it’s no where near my style…

  6. word

  7. beat is awsome ! for rnb / hip hop thing ccc

  8. i also agree, porn beat hehe.

  9. and then u see these people come outta a hot tub XD lmaoo

  10. i agree sounds like a porn beat lol

  11. porno beat LMAO!

  12. very good , I love this beat .

  13. Damn this is dope!!!!!!

    no disrespect to the other producers in shadowville but Smoke is the only one i been feeling lately!!!

    keep em comin man

  14. Yo that’s the same thing that came to my mind ninjor lol porno beat! woo! that’s was up though I know someone in here will take that beat and rip it, so yeah sounds cool man stay up peace. got my “Dope!” stamp

  15. damn son i’m sorry to be the first review but you was smoked out listening to porn when you made this SMOKEY!… its an GREAT beat it just screams cinimax boobie movie to me bro.. but i did want to comment on how much of a nice editions you make to the shadowville fam! IF YALL NEED A GOD MC JUST LET ME KNOW!

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