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Caged Beast

Dec 17 2008 | BPM: 91 | Producer: 2Deep
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13 Feedback

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Dark piano, tubular bells, and bassline with grimey drums.

Moods: Dark

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13 Feedback to “Caged Beast”

    Check it out.

  2. Good :)

  3. i loved this beat so much i also used it,go to my myspace

    the song i used on this beat is called “Threats Aren’t Idle”

    5/5 beat

  4. I Made a track Called CAGED BEAST check it

    im 1st verse Jones 2nd verse

    2Deep killed the fuckn instrumental 10/5

  5. i was raised in decay, eatin rats from church alley-ways
    the only thing my parents had left me where my daddys-name
    im badly-pained, n never remembered the happy-days
    the only faith i got, comes from a chain where it hangs-in-place
    i learnt to drive, hijackin a cab, my first-taxi-race
    n crashed befor i splattered a pack of faggot activists
    against me, now i live backin a fist with rappidness
    no trackin-it catchin-you-jokes where you breath
    my names asher, the gate-crasher. satans apprentice
    when my flames-catch-ya ‘im in a state crazy as texus’
    im the henchmen, no supervillian, the hero’s arch-nemesis
    hellish-bent to rip-you-apart dark supremisist
    i sever-guys slipt-you-in-half the last-pessimest

  6. WoooooW 5/5

  7. made a track called hip hop hip hop

    to this beat check it out

  8. beat is krazy ill

  9. dannm

  10. Thats some inspiring shit. Keep it up

  11. im gonna skoop this one up for myself. keep em up on Cloud 11 homie, this ones off the hinges.5/5.

  12. Nuckin Fasty. Goes to show 2Deep is a beast at these grime beats. 5/5.

  13. omg i wanna buy the rights to this man keep it up bro.

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