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Dec 22 2008 | BPM: 84 | Producer: Slantize
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69 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Soft and emotional piano, bell, and violin beat over slow drums.

Moods: Inspiring, Sad
Genres: East Coast

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69 Feedback to “Downpour”

  1. Can you send on my email plase, if you get the chance to see it and can i please download it? It’s really dope

  2. hi

  3. hey plz this is a fucking hard ! can u send this to my email i will show you i can do miracles

  4. my hotmail is please if

  5. hey if I could pass this instrumental please if you can and thank this good this basis

  6. Omg , excellent , perrfect veerryyy verryyy goooooood

  7. wow………..mer30

  8. guya bunu yuklemey olmuyacag bele?)))) mende uje 4-5 aydi var bu minus,bu da size kapak olsun. :P

    About a relationship I was in!
    send me it please!

  10. hey slantize nice beat man keep up the good work
    i was wondering if u could please email me this instrumental to
    im making a song for my godfather that past away and this would be the perfect instrumental for the song so can u please email me the instrumental
    i would really appreciate it

  11. Somebody send me this beat please!?

  12. damn musiC bro..!!

  13. yow can sum1 please email me this beat i really wanna serve it some justice man
    PLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEASE folks lovin this Slantize

  14. 12 tma burası :D

  15. Yo! I must to search very good free beats to my solo production! I’m amatour rap manfrom Poland but i met more famous people. I want records with this people. do you help me??
    my e-mail : I waiting to answer! thx

  16. love thiss beat man!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I think this beat is amazing. We recorded our song Prisoner of War with it.
    The song is about all of the violence in the world and how everyone is
    searching for heaven. I’d love any feedback on what you guys
    think. People seem to love it at all the shows, especially in Australia.

    Here’s the link. It’s the song is Prisoner
    of War. There’s a few other Slantize beats on there including
    Empire which is and intense song, “Fatal Attraction”.
    Thanks for the amazing tracks, you have a gift from God bro.

    -Patrick Davis

    you did a great job ! (Y)

  18. <3

  19. başarılar çok taş beat :)

  20. very nice!!!

  21. hey slantize, please canyou send me this beat ? , to, i will be online 24/7 untill you add me and send me the beat , i really love it and wanna make a song of it to my E.X girlfriend who left me , so please sen it to me <3 ,

    love , from sweden <3

  22. how do i get this beat? can sum1 email me this? holla asap

  23. Yo this beat is tuff slanitze…is it possible i can get the instrumental…i really wanna touch this track…

  24. Dam the beat gone, I had laced the fuck out of that track kid.
    Check it out @

  25. wow ! verygood!

  26. Great lol !

  27. lan… türk orospu çocukları, sizin anan awrıdın sikiyim ibneler… ne küfür ediyonuz??? ne ananızın amı kaşınyomu piçler….. ben kürt sizin geçmişi we gelceginizi sikicas…)

  28. Hi I would like to ask me if you have not instrumentalku downpour either on icq 435842199 or e-mail in advance dik

  29. Really good . Peace .

  30. nice beat SNARE is so sickkk

  31. this shit is real emotional good work dog i been listening to yall shit for years yall never stop amazing me

  32. Unavaılable yazıyo aq ben de o ne demek ya çükerim aq inidremicem mi bn bu beati

  33. Güzelmiş aq hoşuma gitti :D:D

  34. :D söv söv kufurden anlamıolar :D

  35. ananızı skiyim

  36. Deem man, this is one f*cking good beat, i just love it .

  37. @ trdsupra23

    its been sold so you can no longer download it

  38. when will it be available for download?

  39. nice beat

  40. this is one real shit man!!! great sad beat ilove that!!

  41. Great beat

  42. Very Well.


    Listen our music…We made a song “Je ne pars pas” in one of Slantize beat’s “Downpour ”
    Greetings from Switzerland

    Steve Nomad

    @stevenomad, Dude, it doesnt work :/ Try a different link?




  45. ananı sıkım nasıl yapıon bunları o.ç. xD

  46. i like it already, real slo poetic lifestyle kind of flo, fo hella lyrics

  47. This is fucking fanastic

  48. Very Nice Beautifull Beat Man.
    I Know I Can Spit One This One
    A Romantic Song or Something Like That Ya Know
    Keep Doing The Good Work

  49. ı think ıts amazing really great work ıts a nice beat


  51. realy great work and great beat

  52. wooooooooooooooooooow i liked it so much
    10x man its realy cool

  53. dude this is really hot!!!! i love u slantize (no homo) dude u inspire me so much i made a beat in your style
    please check it out if you ever see my comment

    thx man keep it up

  54. Hot stuff :)

  55. Drop them hits again man.

    How do you keep making hott beats like this?? This is sickness engineered into a beat, fabulous shit homie!!

  56. crisp clean slow & flowy. this world is a better place now. 5/5

  57. DAMN!!
    LUVE IT.

  58. gee thanks Desik, now alot of bitches are gonna fuck illest wun :)

  59. hell yeah man thanks ALOT imma do a song for my boy in the hospital who just got shot

  60. incredibal work!!

  61. damn!! this is great stuff man!! godly work.

  62. amazing reminiscing melody, like the chorus drums 2, gj.

  63. definately got the sad and inspiring feeling to it nice work.

  64. yea yea… this is hot >D

  65. okay second one to drop a line. what you want me to say slantize? this beat is hard… goodfella music, oh yeah fuck illest wun.

  66. amazing

  67. Very nice inspirational and sad beat! The melody is touching as well. Great work!

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