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Dec 25 2008 | BPM: 90 | Producer: 2Deep
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18 Feedback

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Gritty female vocal sample and underground drums with melodic bassline and a splash of violins.

Genres: Underground

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18 Feedback to “Legend”

  1. Hey man! I do a song with your beat, it’s in spanish but here is:
    The number 6: Ce es una terapia

  2. mate you are the best really. ı Like your beat and hala’s beat. you are the best 4 me peace !

  3. Madd sick…………………………….

  4. good job and great art 2deep is the shit

  5. Dope.

  6. did a quick 16 bar verse/short track on this beat…check it out at:

    Sick beat for sure.

    @akromatik, sick verse man keep it up

  7. This Shit is Sick

  8. hot track love the sample to it also

  9. good super WOOW

  10. This beat is legend FA SHOW aha..keep up the beats man

  11. certainly glad your part of the team homie. keep killin them beats sir 5/5

  12. 5/5 for sure track is sick

  13. 15/15. Can we say a mix between Stoupe and Snuff Man? Something Reef the Lost Cauze would murder. Love the vocals mixed into it fam, and as usual, grimey drums to set if off.

  14. Wow I Think This Right Here Is Pretty Damn Hot, I Tell Ya. Great work

  15. Great work 2Deep Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

  16. this is that shit. 5/5 cloudy vibrations. u digg?

  17. love it

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