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Dec 31 2008 | BPM: 73 | Producer: Slantize
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44 Feedback

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Light piano on heavy southern 808s with Texas style organs and brass.

Moods: Epic, Inspiring
Genres: Dirty South

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44 Feedback to “Bankrollin”


    Listen to my new track I made to this instrumental…. “Perseverance”- D3vils ADvocate

  2. Listen to D3vil ADvocates new track Perseverance

  3. dis is real men cant stop listenin to it.

  4. shits bomb as hell mane

  5. just wrote a song to this man its so hard bout to hit the studio and drop it

  6. hola soy number one un mc de Madrid (españa) me gustan tus producciones … prodiamos hablar aqui te dejo mi correo :

  7. i like it

  8. nice sounds

  9. Yo I’m a female rapper and I wrote a song to this beat check it out it’s called “Bankroll”

    @cherishea24, heyy im Yameen Ally from Cape Town South Africa,I am a 15 year old rapper and I waana record music,how do i do it in high quality

  10. Yo I’m a female rapper and I wrote a song to this beat check it out it’s called “Bankroll”

    @cherishea24, hey am a nigerian rapper frm abuja by stage name cell how bout we re-record bankrollin 2 geda. halla at me on facebook wif usman adams cell

  11. Yo I wrote a song to this beat check it out it’s called “Bankroll”
    go to

  12. check out my song i did to this awesome beat

    - AJon

    Nice, sounds good.

    @jimmy kane, jd

  13. thanks a lot
    iran khoy 0461

  14. Good!

  15. Check it out ” Cash & Money”

  16. Slantize…homie i luv this fuckin beat…i luv it so much I had to write one of the dopest tacks ive done to it. “Cash & Money” . I recorded a (promo) track to another one of ur tracks. its a favorite around the neighborhood. ” Beef 101″ . peep game

    good job

  17. good :)

  18. well

    Check out my version its
    Wanna Know About Me

  20. good shit

  21. Nice on 5/5

  22. I will download this beat…thankz bro…

  23. Lol sounds like somethin pac would spit on

  24. I Made A Track To This Beat, And You Can Go To My Myspace At For More Songs

  25. ok this beat is bangin! So i decided to lease it! I wanted to have a sooner break down of the beat so I cough up the extra $35 for the track separation! I get it to the [multi-million dollar]studio where I’m being charged by the hour to record and mix and what do I discover? That the track separation is screwed up!! The kicks where clipping so bad that I couldn’t do anything with it! What a waste of $35 that I will NEVER get back and I won’t even get a decent copy of the track separation! WOW! Shadowville is so awsome!!
    Take my advice and just download the beats from the site and SAVE your money!!!

  26. Hard ass track… Damn I feel it in my veins…


    I love the track Zinn dropped to this too..

    “All i know is Money, all i, all i know is MONEY!”

  28. Mista is the Q is rating this beat 5/5 i’ve been checkin all your beats and i’m impressed your good at what you do. Mc to mixer

  29. This is Ill ima Kill it at The show ima do

  30. yo i did an ill traq wit dis, i like how tha beat flows so my first 8 bars are calm then tha otha 8 i get pumped

  31. you should make like a hard ass diss track type thing so i can fry my ex on jan 10th on stage i’ll even do some promotion for shadowville theres gonna be all kinds of djz and local artists at the show hahahaha by the way this beat is fuckin sick :P 5/5

  32. first with the tetris beat .. now this .. damm hahaha awesome job with the game beats LOL

    u flipp em very good

  33. The chorus is excellent, awesome work Slantize!!!

  34. lol yeah, this one

    oh i forgot to say, nice beat Slant…i love it.

  35. AH cobra’s right…i knew there was something about this beat that reminded me of something. it reminds me of Twilight Princess when your running around in Hyrule Field :)


  36. It reminds me of….Zelda.

  37. Lol, what a wild beat. The piano gives it that classical eerie feeling, yet the synths on the hook make you go nuts. Definetly heat. 4/5.

  38. LOVE this shit!!!

  39. damn Slant this beat is fuckin HOT!!

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