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Jun 03 2006 | BPM: | Producer: Slantize
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15 Feedback

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104 BPM. A simple snap beat with whistles, pitch-shifted synths, triangles, water droplets, and steady kicks, claps, and snaps.

Moods: Silly
Genres: Club

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15 Feedback to “Pretty”

  1. What ever…it 2011 and somebody finally wrote a song to this beat..ME! unlike others, it for damn sure worked for me although none of my songs sounds like the one i did for this beat…turned out to be one of my most impressive tracks..mainly because i produce them myself. But with this beat it made it alot easier for me to do so. Slantize…i’m buy’n. Boss Ma is the name…look for me on TEMPOPLUS (featuring your pretty beat). BTW: I’m working on quite a few of your beats…i smell a masterpiece

  2. wow ! cool !

  3. hahaha this soug is bad ass

  4. after the whistle is kinda slows down in the hook, you should have it have water droplets back and fourth then go into a verse.

  5. Well, as a representative from the south, I’d like to say that I like the beat. Definitely would be a hit for the Ying Yang Twins.

  6. hot.

  7. Can’t really say I like enjoy this beat, but thats just me. Like Projekt said, Ying Yang would work on this!

  8. sounds like a collipark beat. deff somethin the ying yang twins would use

  9. yall suckas just hatin’ this beat is a sick ass beat man !!!!! You just gotta use your dome and be creative and use your lyrics wisely that’s all, ain’t nuttin’ else but jealousy bumpin’ out yo gums anyway.

  10. not really feelin’ it…

  11. i never liked snap musik and i never will lol too simple to be good(snap musik in general)

  12. i think one i good to man…

    sound sick in my ears..



  13. hahaha this beat makes me laugh. its nice. could rap bout fat chicks n blubber shit on this. snap clap ting snap clap ting. Nice cheeky sly beat there. Good one Slantize.


  14. Awwwww naaaaaaw… Hate snap beats. Sorry, Slantize, this didn’t work for me. And I can’t make it work either.

  15. The underground version of “there it go” lol….I think this beat is nice tho…I vote 5

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