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Life Is War

Jan 08 2009 | BPM: 92 | Producer: Slantize
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149 Feedback

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Dark and foreboding piano melody with epic choir, string, and horn chorus.

Moods: Dark, Epic, Sad

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149 Feedback to “Life Is War”

  1. full of energie …please if someone can give this beat ..i try to make download but i can´t do it.. i need this beat..i have something special in mind to do

    I had to see through the font code of the page, but here is for download

  2. someone can pass me this beat ? please beathiful

  3. it´s fucked up .. with this beat i`ll make a dope song in portuguese..i´m portuguese ..HIP HOP TUGA

  4. Top 1 Feedbacker ;p

  5. gooood

  6. gooood

  7. your beats are cool but they are not killing nines but i do like the song

  8. where can I get this bell sound?

    Here you got it, fam

  9. woow

  10. wow its the best

  11. Slantize is the bees knees, the cats pajamas haha

  12. Killed this beat too, Yeah http://WWW.MYSPACE.COM/WHITETRASH494 Check it out

  13. luvvv this beat…. slant ur big man :)

  14. check this

  15. sounds like sumtin out a horror flick, have no idea wut i would write, i guess im not a fan of these dark beats i be hearin on here u cant talk about nuttin but like death or dying, its also very basic, ur good but this beats jus not my personal taste, not something that could be heard on the radio, thats wut i mainly look for

  16. This beat is undoubtably ones of the best ones here. I’m not even afraid to say it’s the best one.
    I respect your work Slantize. You’re a great inspiration to all of us, amateur hip-hopers.
    Everyone should have music like you. Soulful, with dash of black, sometimes humor, sometimes love, tears even. I adore you :)

  17. this variety a music is good

  18. cılgınsın !!!! man……

    to bad its bought, this would bless a 16 with an 8 any dayyy :)

  20. good

  21. tüweleme!

  22. ok the best

  23. sounds like an immortal technique beat yo

  24. amazimg

  25. 5/5 awesome DAWG

  26. 龍帅顶你!!!!!

  27. Thanks yall

  28. efiiirrrrr….cox eladi, erkek yaradir da :-)

  29. Whoa! Mad Respect Fo this beat sumone snag it up!

  30. Wow, too many comments!

  31. Good Instrumental Men!!

  32. spoko :)

  33. Хотите записать совместный трек с Украинской рэп группой?? пишите Asiq или регистрируйтесь на сайте вот моя страница

  34. 7lew

  35. this beat is ard kek

  36. *this is war*

  37. 真是太有才了 nice shit

  38. selam(hi) teşekkür ederim(thanx)

  39. MADDDDD reviews holy shit. beat is perfect from the melody to the hook.

  40. Str8 M-U-R-D-E-R-E-D this beat with my song “Let it Burn” on …thanks Slant, you did it big with this one!

    @jaebone, Pretty dope I have to say, nice…..But check this one too man http://WWW.MYSPACE.COM/WHITETRASH494 “Murda Session”

  41. NICE

  42. sick sick sick…boom beaat :D NICE

  43. fouck your are a crack you are better than dj khaled jajajajajaj

  44. bu cacık amk :D

  45. yapmaya devam reis :D

  46. adam beat yapıyo ya reis ya :d

  47. very good :;)


  49. very professional

  50. saglammm:D:D

  51. nice man!

  52. diss kaydıım lan :D

  53. Schön schön!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  54. Show me some respect mother fuckin now

  55. excellent

  56. one of the best songs. great job

  57. i click spm beats on here and it show me this beat your right something he would use you gotta get dope house 2 buy this 1 nice beat i downloaded it the 1st day it came out but just gave a comment now ha

  58. хуйня

  59. HELLA DOPE AMAZINNN 1000/1000

  60. لحن جميل جداااا
    nice beat

    thank you

  61. perfect thank you !!!!!!

  62. this beat is ok

  63. Bro this beat is sick amazing… hoping to lace some dope lyrics then purchase

  64. Damn its Ya boy Baby D YA beats is raw as hell man

  65. this is genial good sounds si que si vato life in the rap..drancer one…deathkill..

  66. Dope song 5/5!
    But I got one question please. Hope someone comes with a answer.
    Do I need to buy this beat for use? or Can I just download it? Thanks

  67. TURKİSH RAP!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. gяυρσ ρc ∂σ яαρ gєяαçãσ 2009 jonanthan e alex >falar conosco com a galera tá i nosso orkut grupo pc do rap diz:

  69. Fuckn Ill beat Slant, top 5 on tha site easy.

  70. this beat so my song;)

  71. Yeah,this beat is great…

    Saludos desde España

  72. اللحن مررره جاااامد …..

    ينفع للاغاني الحزينه ….

  73. good good good

  74. yoov thank you

  75. Génial !!! Peace

  76. gooooooooood

  77. definatelly could see tech on this shit good work slant you the best damn producer on here no doubt

  78. EYVALA

  79. how can one beat get better everytime it’s playing itself ?? -life is war- 5/5
    my favorite producer

  80. This beat is like really good and u it gives the lyrics a really good flow and same to the one who raps it..its great!

  81. Middle condition beat :)

  82. Sick as fuck

  83. ^^ um ok
    anyway slant wat can i say that hasnt been said sick, sick beat

  84. yo jeg valker gennem livet har jeg gjort de sidste 14 år kan godt
    sige dig det har været sindsygt hård
    som alle ved har folk lavet en masse lort
    og alt det jeg har gjort har jeg måtte gå rundt med
    vi samler ting hverdag og det må vi gå rundt med
    ogs selvom det er for tung en byrde
    men det har jeg måtte leve med så udtrykker mig selv ved at skrive tekster
    for mig er det her som at lave lektier

    ——————————- jeg kan ikk forstå det med livet hvad
    | Livet er en krig | er des formål er så det er derfor jeg
    |hvorfor kan folk en ense det | jeg spørg men man skal ikk kun kæmpe
    | man kan ikk bare gå rundt og | man skal jo ogs have behov for
    | tro alt er godt det er det ikk| at feste og fyrer den af
    | andre folk bruger andres | men hvert liv har jo en smag
    | liv til at tjene penge | der er folk der bor i sus og dus
    | til sig selv | mens andre folk lever livet
    | | <- på en gade og tikker menesker om
    | 2x | | penge til en bus
    ——————————- | (<- igen )
    | andre folk søger ogs billet væk herfra hvis man kigger
    | på deres arme kan man se alle deres ar kunne ikk finde på
    | at røre mig selv med en nål ville hellere tage
    | det dårlige styk af kagen og udyntte smagen
    | der er ogs folk der bare smider livet væk
    | eller med skændes med sin x
    | hvert liv har et formål må bare
    | håbe på mit at mit ikk er et nødeskrål

  85. the best beat ever i have made a song with here is the txt

  86. 非常棒

  87. tthis beat is perfecte

  88. amazing

  89. nice

  90. I like it!

  91. Slant, you could be the best beat maker ever. U inspire me bro keep em coming.

  92. respect

  93. ماشاء الله لحن يجي منه

  94. I luuv this beat…damn it´s sooo good

  95. And this is where you need to stay, i mean the club-bangaz are sick but, plzz come with some deep/dark/shit like thissss
    thank youuu


  97. nice beat

  98. i love ur beats man ur a genius

  99. it sounds like something eminem would use

  100. very professional

  101. Danm nice ass beat 5/5

  102. indeed you are.

  103. am i the only one whos not really feeling this? lol

  104. im feeling that there homie

  105. That was some dope shit.

  106. NE dionuz amqdumun salakları topnuzun amq orospuçocuğu gangstalar sizi sktir lan….

  107. den er feee’

  108. Elo nutka zajebista pzdr! from Poland

  109. the hook is not the best.
    but wtf

  110. vou comprar esta cabrões!

  111. very good eh !

  112. very nice :X

  113. Yeah, the piano is too sick on this one Slant. This is the type of track you stalk your ex-girlfriend to lol.

  114. anybody made a track to this beat? lemme hear it if you did.

  115. uh…. wow

  116. great 1 thanKs 5/5

  117. thats some raw shyte dawg aha 5/5

  118. super

  119. gotta hate the mono drums, otherwise, it was good.

  120. las mewdias pistas conxetumare perro culiao

  121. This beat is the shiit, me and my boy did a song to it

  122. azerbaycan rap number one

  123. I’m working on a sick track right now about wars in general. Good one Slantize, keep up the great work!!!!

  124. I sing on this inst song for ISRAEL! I couldnt let a Hamas Terrorist get away with that! LOL

  125. i sing on this inst song for GAZA

  126. Amazing.. *.*

  127. Layin down my “I Gotta Pocketfull” on this Masterpiece.. Slant be killin it allday everyday!
    Shadowville IS THE FUTURE OF HIP HOP!
    Much Respect
    Carolina Boy

  128. hey im a huge fan! I’m also a lyricist.. and when I heard this track, I decided to try one of my pieces on it.. the final product wasn’t that great, but it’s on youtube. I hoped I credited you properly.
    If you want to check it out, please leave a comment on what you think - now keep in mind though, I’m not Big L or Eminem or anything. Compared to some people here I’m probably a wigga lol.. check it out

  129. nice nice

  130. the first ones blank cuz I was blown away nice slant!

  131. respect great work

  132. harika bi beat ben gibide rap müzik yapan diyo anla

  133. This beats is fucking creative it’s my favorite !! thx mean !!

  134. thats fukin dope shit! i was took at the very first moment it hit my ears. there is not a doubt this is 5star shit. 5/5 dope i tell you, DOPE!

  135. sickk beat man, you’re my fav producer here, always bring the illest shit ever

  136. This track is that fire 5/5!

  137. im really feelin this, good job slant

  138. that melody is just amazing…… i love this beat… brings me back to the classic SVP beats…. u did it with this one slant…. amazing 5/5 for sure

  139. i love you :)

  140. doesn’t he always?

  141. ehh yet again slant creates another masterpiece.

  142. kay just makin sure cuz i noticed it was reduced to 4/5 and u were the one to first comment on it and said it was 100 so i was confused for the second time today. LOL

  143. This is an epic masterpiece, the beat is excellent!!!

  144. Now, why would I rate it 4/5 if I said 100/100? Obviously, someone else rated it 4/5 because I rated it 5/5.

  145. did u just rate it 4/5??? cuz i rated it 5/5…if you did…WTF!!??

  146. THATS WHAT I’M FUCKING TALKING ABOUT! Enough said, classic SVP hook…100/100.

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