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Baller Theme

Jan 14 2009 | BPM: 83 | Producer: Slantize
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24 Feedback

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Big kicks and catchy drum pattern with hypnotic whistle and synth leads.

Moods: Dark, Silly
Genres: Club, Dirty South

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24 Feedback to “Baller Theme”

  1. 003, I 2 72, but it was statistically significant P 0. doxycycline hyc 100 mg

  2. im going to be a star with this beat

  3. this beat is so sick

  4. need dis how much get back with me ,Zi

  5. sounds exactly like a beat tech n9ne would use. luckily i got it b4 somebody bought it. im gna meet tech n9ne on the 25th ans ima make a song about strange music to this beat and let him hear it.

  6. this beat is so sick….that i had to make a hit song out of it….ya dig

  7. Sickest shit on shadowville, Radio worth

  8. shit

  9. why is it unavailable

  10. Might Cop the exclusives If i can write a hit to it!

  11. Sick Sick Sick

  12. And I’m getting this beat b4 some buys it lol.

  13. thads the shit yo

  14. I have to agree with illest wun on his comment. This was way too generic for my taste, and it did not have the usual Slantize-quality over it.
    Thank heavens Slantize has other beats going on. :D

  15. yehh thisz qoo hardd

  16. This beat is HOT!! Fuck what a hater thinks..

  17. I am looking for a person who can make a good and 10 min beat so I can flow to so whats up ?

  18. its doper than dope iller than ill.5/5

  19. nah Zinn i like commercial beats too, but this is too generic for my taste.

  20. illest is more underground orientated, i think he frowns upon dirty south/crunk type things. commericialized beats actually…i like it though…hits hard

  21. even if it is a throwaway beat, shits still ill as fuck! 5/5 been waitin’ for a balla anthem banger an this knocks for sure

  22. this is a throwaway beat, nothing special at all

  23. Those kicks are awesome, great beat! 5/5.

  24. Slant wow im feeling this beat fasho pretty ballin ha pefect name um yah beat knocks pretty dope yoo keep that shit up bro

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