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Sawed Off Pt. IV

Jan 15 2009 | BPM: 92 | Producer: 2Deep
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34 Feedback

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Epic, banging violins and gangsta sounding drums.

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34 Feedback to “Sawed Off Pt. IV”

  1. erectile function cocaine abuse

  2. Sample from saw??

  3. How to download???


  5. Dude I made a Sick song to this beat called “Winning The War” If you wanna check it out then go to my myspace and check it out..… Its now a christian song. Thanks

  6. Hardcore Geil !! Wirklich ein Hammer Beat !! Very Very Great , amazing !! PLS DL :(

  7. Can`t download :(((((((((((((((((((((( Why ? :((((

  8. is There Gonna Be A Part 5? There Is 5 Saw Movies Makes Sense Right

  9. He Most Like Uses A Shit Load Of Vst Pluged Into FL Studio And Probaly Plaays Melodys In Pro Tools And Imports It Into FL, Its The Easyiest Way As I Heard I Never Got To Big Into making Beats

  10. I gotta admit i really appreciate 2Deeps work. Indefinatly a musical genius. But i do question what does he use for a program? Doesnt sound at all like Fruity loops is it pro tools???

  11. yo this shit is tight, definitely on top

  12. رووووووووووسي

  13. dammmmm its crazy

  14. Did i say i made 1?? lolol
    I just said i think its sold, and its on the ADR page…
    And it doesnt sound the same… same sample… mine is flipped a lil differently, and my drums are DIFFERENT. lol. Lisin close ;) Thanks though!

  15. I don’t want to act like an asshole my friend.. but i made 1 as a collab with AD and my version 2 sounds exact like this one.. I like this thought

  16. ok sory i didnt saw last 2 deep post

  17. good work on saw sample that beat sounds pro to me
    this is pt. IV ? can i hear somewhere pt I, II and III ?

  18. Hey people!
    thanks for the good feedback the beat ;) appreciate it…
    now to “shaheem”, thanks for the honest opinion! :)
    1, 2 and 3 i think are all sold…. They were all sold over Anno Domini Beats….
    More commin soon ;) 2Deep

  19. to me**

  20. i like the way you use the saw theme, but i think there’s too much going on in the beat, i dont know, to be it doesnt sound proper. also, where’s sawed off pt. I, II, and III?

  21. dope shit .. its saw’s theme smapled ..

  22. bye far the sickest beat ive heard, thats so g mayne

  23. nice 1 2deep keep that thing on!!!!!

  24. 2 deep is king of shadowville…….

  25. beat’s fucking raw..

    does it sample something?


  26. yeah, this shit is gangsta

  27. 2deep you killed this man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD JOB!!!!

  28. best angry beat of all time in shadowville

  29. nice comeback


  31. :O:O:O is great!

  32. WoooooW amazing… :O i luv that beat :D sooo sick :D great job :D keep it up :D

  33. Damn you 2Deep, lol. Best one since Fear No Evil fam. 100/100.

  34. this, is, TOOOO sick…i think its one of the best ones i heard from you

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