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Last Days

ON SALE: $199 | BPM: 90 | Producer: hala-X
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21 Feedback

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Deep, inspirational string and choir sample with gritty underground drums.

Moods: Inspiring, Sad

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21 Feedback to “Last Days”

  1. kozak :))

  2. fucking epic start! i’ma spit some fire on this fasho

  3. fucking tight

  4. this beats is sick as hell

  5. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo man dis beat is sooooooo amazing trust me u need to do more beats like dat especially with da choir luv ur wrrk



  7. im black n white, but still with shades of grey
    but still, colour co-ordinated like the KKK
    i show no love, cos im emotionless
    drinkin liquor till its bottle im motionless
    my domes-a-mess, my flows-eject till im known-to-men
    ‘when no potions-left then il be frozen-then’
    know im miricle-blessed, like the holiest of mystical-men
    i think the deepest from a spiritual-sence
    target-the-best, carvin-ya-next dont try to barter-with-death
    ‘you know im hard-in-me-chest, cos arteries-bleed’
    and i zone-out, im not here like a ghost
    in his own-house and im home-bound. but still i got
    no place to go-now so..
    im in the deepest of this fountain-of-pain
    its like my life is an arcade, im surrounded-with-game

  8. Oh my god.. This is the most illest intro I ever heard! If you able planning to make a part II of this one, use the intro as a sample.. The first intro bar is just so sick, I love it!

  9. Sick beat men!!! But can someone tell me the lyrics of the sample!?!

  10. this shit really gets my head nod! all respect 2 u hala!

  11. nigga this shit hot but it still dont top yo otha shit W`s up

  12. fuckin sick

  13. this has just become my favourite hala beat

  14. This Some Sick Shit Dawg, Keep It Up.

  15. I love it, it has a very deep cinematic atmopshere.

  16. nice to see ur back haven’t seen nothin from u in awhile 5/5

  17. Luv It!

  18. Excellent beat Hala-X! The Strings awesome!

  19. i have to be honest, i dont like many of your beats but i like this one , the intro couldve been better but the rest was pretty nice and so i rated 5/5

  20. Welcome fucking back Hala, lol. Been awhile since I’ve seen a drop from you. You didn’t dissapoint. Great instrumentation, one of your best. 100/100.

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