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Test Me

Jan 27 2009 | BPM: 80 | Producer: Smoke
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11 Feedback

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Dark synth, string, and bell beat with east coast drums.

Moods: Dark

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11 Feedback to “Test Me”

  1. I can fucks wit this

  2. actually Leyenda is sorta right, smoke def has the best mixed beats on shadowville right now.

  3. ^^^…LOL…w.t.f….

  4. do you hang out in threads and reply to peoples responses? I was just coming back to get a download…

    Not too much funny about it…I suppose you don’t understand anything about mixing.

  5. ^^^…LOL…w.t.f….

  6. It’s alright, nicely mixed though….your the only one in Shadowville to actually give a mix that’s correct..everytime I buy a beat tracked out from Shadowville, I’m tweaking…

  7. Nice one Smoke.

  8. wow. this is the perfect beat! it’s my tempo:80bpm and it’s hot as hell. good lookin smoke. i know who to come to when i’m buyin beats.

  9. what it do smoke this track hard as hell. holla at ya boy let’s make history

  10. Damn smoke this is that type of shit ive been waiting 4 for a long fuccin time. this is the illest beat to date. not to much beat, so a mc can display his lyrics but raw enough to have a cripple man saying stand up. Deezamm this is a banger, ima have this laced up in less than 1 week, and its gonna be me

  11. Smoke is Back! Great producer but he isnt Enzo lol.

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