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Tears In My Eyes

Feb 28 2009 | BPM: 98 | Producer: hala-X
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29 Feedback

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Soft ambient feeling of pianos and light Spanish guitars with underground drums.

Moods: Dark, Sad, Soulful

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29 Feedback to “Tears In My Eyes”

  1. watch this

  2. Dope

  3. i did this beat go check it out at thank you

  4. My sister died and my bestfriend commited suicide about 4 months ago and i dont know where my moms is no more so i have one mutherfucking story on this one, very close too. Alls i wanted to say was thank you to hala-X for giving us a way to release what can make us explode.

  5. hey,man ,godamn good beatz you put on here …i use it to suit with my flows,chinese lyrics of course…

  6. I Need Beat Click Clack Goood To Rec Track Gangsta

  7. creating a masterpiece of hip hop to this

  8. fffffffffffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeee

  9. Крутой бит!

  10. shit u got down with this beat

  11. Increíble pedazo de base

  12. If anyone wants to know what the voices say, here’s what I picked up:
    There was a time that I knew you were mine, and the choice that i made, fly away//
    I’m alone with you//(HALA..hala…hala)
    Tears in my eyes, I can see it all, so quiet, I see you and me, in my dreams//
    I’m alone with you//
    Love you, love you//
    One of the freshest fuckin beats on SVP. What was the sample? Hala’s my favorite here.

  13. Damn. This is why ur my favorite producer on here. u KILL it with these underground beats. if u hooked up with vinnie paz or any of the AOTP artists, yall could fuck the game up.

  14. Or, 2008… This schoolyear.

  15. Lol, this beat is like.. Tears in my eyes… Some guy misstreated your girl on something. When the verse hits you kick his ass.

    And yo! Only insecure men are to fucking afraid to show what they feel because it will leave then wounderble… I shouldn’t really talk.. I’ve dropped two tears from sorrow this year.

    But if you really don’t care about nothing, you prolly won’t get hurt. Dunno.

    It sounds like you get ripped apart really, thats why you don’t give a fuck. Like, you feel crushed and you flip and do some crazy shit. Murder or anything.

    Lotta feelings in this one ;)

  16. Thanks illest but I’d rather see it blow up before i die (im not sure im gonna see year 3000, even if rest of my body would last that long, my liver would’nt ).

    oh and btw, i feel for all ya but this isnt broken hearts club, the hook may let you touch in with your feelings and all but after that it smacks you in the motherfuckin face with a dirty baseball bat .. still underground rawness.. you can interpret the hook in maaaaany ways, nahmean?

  17. hala all i got to say is ur are that dude im gon touch down wit u when i get my weight up kid 1 luv!

  18. this beat is really really good. This goes with what I was saying about hala being the best in shadowville when he feels like it. This sounds like a flip on midnight opera pt II a little, great job Im really feelin this beat man but this beat shouldnt be rapped over it needs to be preserved in ice and opened in the year 3000.

    p.s : stay strong semi moto and

  19. thanks hala and thats music to me puttiing feelings in it and you can tell there was a story behind it im getting to not giving a fuck anymore but im defently droping on this one,

  20. Real man arent supposed to be afraid to cry, dammit.. well, unless its some emo bitch ass crying over bullshit.. then they should be afraid to.

    Altho i diddnt have ‘Tears in My eyes’ as I did this beat (mostly because I dont give a flying fuck about anyhting in the world ), it was made in kinda rough time for me and you can probably hear it.

    oh and ..keep your head up semimoto

  21. Al,you are such a pussy.

    this beat is something like Stoupe The Enemy of Mankind would do.a great beat.

  22. mane its like you made this for me a close friend took his on life two weeks ago, my x just left me after a year and a half, and shes seeing someone else and has been for a while while we were dating and is rubing it in my face ive been thinking thoughts that i know i shouldnt and this beat has honestly hit me and inspired me and made me stronger thanks bro mane honestly this is a real deep one it brought tears to my eyes…..keep up shit like this mane this is defently your best work

  23. haha al got dumped. 11/10. yeah, i rate underground joints higher. :D

    whats the sample say?

  24. dope

  25. Wonderfully amazing! A true masterpiece!

  26. its dope man diggin it

  27. ah. i can’t lie. this actually brought tears to my eyes. I’ve had so much drama lately and my girlfriend just dumped me. so this was icing on the cake.

  28. LOVE the blended instrumentation with the sample. One of your best underground joints. 100/100.

  29. Dope.

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