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Dressed In All Black

Mar 06 2009 | BPM: 75 | Producer: Slantize
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14 Feedback

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Ballpark style organs, dark bassline, and eerie synths over 808 drums to create a dark, epic feeling.

Moods: Dark, Epic
Genres: Dirty South

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14 Feedback to “Dressed In All Black”

  1. Spm accomplishments

  2. wow!!! very good shit!! ;)

  3. Rick Ross xD

  4. I just noticed the comments from over a year ago. Constructive? Maybe you need to be taken back a bit, maybe 5th grade and taught the word “constructive” again.

    What I stated was constructive, kiddo.

    Now, swing from someone else’s nuts.

  5. wow!!!!!! you did it once again……and that bell kills it….good job

  6. i likke the melody its sick kinda simple but pulled off nicley could maybe hear this dude named semi moto on it mane that cracker dope lmao but dope beat the bassline really stood out

  7. This is a crazy ass sick beat right here.. Melody is fucken hypnotizing.. Shit is crunk as FUCCKKKKKKKKKKK!! Bam!

    My fucken neck is about to break i’m nodding my head so hard.. GEAH!!!

    This shit is Gangsta, fuck what a hater think!

  8. ok u c???????????????

    slant, i cant give u the CRAPPIEST melody and u can turn it into the HOTTEST beat!!!

    the melody isnt your best (no offense but u no wat i mean) but wit the dope bassline and hardass drumpat u piked the shit up. congrats man

    oh and u gotta tell me wer i can find dat SLANT BELL u use in every song!!!! its FIRE!!!

  9. Word, I really like this.

  10. haha abcstudios .. trooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool !!! >_<


    this beat is fire .. i dont giv a f*** wa ppl say .. shit =p the place to b !! X )

  11. ^^^^^ LOL

  12. abcstudios, you’re an idiot and a troll
    just stfu

    i see every comment you have is negative, never constructive

    gtfo the site

  13. Only problem with this is, it’s the same concept you used on Go Getta & Closed Casket.

  14. Not a big fan o organs usually, but you made em work, i like the drums on this the most though. and the sig. slant bell

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