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Apr 24 2009 | BPM: 130 | Producer: Smoke
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11 Feedback

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Double tempo rap beat with electric guitars, bells, and a splash of violins and synths.

Moods: Dark, Frantic
Genres: East Coast

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11 Feedback to “Payback”

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  3. Yeah !
    This what I’m talkin’ about !
    Twista, ma man !

  4. Yo you should send me some tracks to and see what I do with them

  5. Smoke, my fav producer….damn its ill

  6. this beat is chill dued. love it

  7. Man thats sick as hell but it soundsa fammiliar I know i’ve heard a melody just like that on something I gotta finger out what it is yea I said finger it out do somethin bout it jj been up toooooo long nice beat tho

  8. awesome beat bro… love it!!!

  9. nice

  10. Very simply, but gets the point accross. I waited before I went into the review area so I could hear it to the end before reviewin lol. I might try something on this.

  11. love the beat
    would’ve loved to hear old Em spit on this
    sombody should mix his vocals into this
    nice work smokw

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