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Apr 29 2009 | BPM: 91 | Producer: Smoke
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18 Feedback

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Laid back and ambient pads, soft guitars and flutes, with a splash of exotic flavor.

Genres: Urban, West Coast

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18 Feedback to “Impossible”

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  2. Hey Can I get this instrumental just to practice? Just for myself? I wanna download so I can listen to it in the car too, soooo chill!

  3. I could vibe to this all day.

  4. good

  5. great beat

  6. just lovely such a cool mellow groove

  7. u rule! its great

  8. I like this one good job smoke!!!!!!!!

  9. once again.. thank you for this beat!

  10. yup yup. thats that shit…5/5

  11. this beat is excellent.. i love when a beat drops after 20 seconds. it lets the listener get in the mood of the song. then the artist has the free lane to spit somethin’ serious. excellent beat. 10/10

  12. damn smoke beat is awesome.

  13. this is a great beat…im feelin Smoke’s beats latelyyyy

  14. this freakin amazing, at first i was getting a lil indian vibe from it lol but then i got the spanish vibe from it….im so mixed up haha, great beat tho smoke 10/10

  15. after listening to it more, i understood what it said, i already got 2 verses and a hook for it, its easy to write to

  16. thanx- i’m not sure what the voice actually says, but i thought it sounded like ‘impossible’ that’s why i called it that.

  17. i love every instrument , what does the little voice say

  18. Shit’s pure fire Smoke. You can hear the west coast in the beat.

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