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Holding On

May 12 2009 | BPM: 74 | Producer: Slantize
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66 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Bittersweet or romantic piano track and electric guitar melody with a splash of synth and sad violins over big acoustic drums.

Genres: Pop, R&B, Urban

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66 Feedback to “Holding On”

  1. i have that beat , i would buy it and came here found out it is unavailable , i wonder if there is a way to i can have it?

  2. i had to paint a picture to this masterpiece of a beat, check it out! “holding on” by petey lee

  3. Slantixe man, i remember this back in the day, this beat is too sick. Whatever happened to shadowville producing sick beats like this. Shadowville beats are the only reason i wanted to up my game, now its just commercial bullshit. Bring back the dope meaningful beats.

    @bluhd relahyted, It’s cuz I’m semi retired :)

  4. send me bet plz i will make song in this if any body u alredy have this bet send me and join me in the song ………….

  5. Hi, my name is Sultan! And I really like this beat! I wonder if you can send me this beat! I’ve already wrote words for this beat in my language)) I’m from Kyrgyzstan! Thank u… my mail- ,Доброе время суток. Я оочень хочу этот минус… Пожалуста скиньте кто может. . .Буду оочень благодерн)

  6. Slantize Hi I really love the instrumental and
    I wonder if it gives me …
    To record a song with the beat
    this is my mail
    and when the end would give you the rights to
    Thanks Att: Daniel
    from Guatemala

  7. Plz send beat for me…..plz plz

  8. Hello! I’m in China cannot receive trouble writing hair I next thanks

  9. Can somebody send me this beat please, i’ve searched everywere but i can’t find it, please i really really need it ( ). please thnx

  10. hey can any one send me this beat, please, i need it ( please send it me any one in name of God… thx

  11. Please help me , I would like to download this beat but here does not have yet download link.How can I do it? could someone send me this beat please?

  12. Can someone please send me this beat ???

  13. I need this beat…Please,can someone send me??

  14. Somebody send me this beat please!?

  15. This is my song with this beat

    You must translate Croatia->English

    Yeshe-Budi kraj mene

    U ovoj pjesmi cu svima pokazati
    Da nisu samo decki ti koji sranja mogu napraviti
    Nego i oni imaju srce i mogu voljeti


    Te oci tvoje,tako divne i plave
    Na tebe bi potrosio sve svoje dane
    Samo dodi i budi kraj mene
    …Ostale sitnice,vrijeme ce da pokrene

    Znas li kako zvuci onaj osjecaj
    Da cim ljubav vidis,odma poludis
    Ludis,ako ti se nejavlja
    Brines se za nju svakoga dana
    Da bas sada,ja mislim na tebe
    …I zajedno vidim sebe i tebe
    Ti si savrsena,cura koju volim
    Svaki dan cu ti, to da ponovim
    U snove tvoje,lagano cu ulazit
    San u javu,uz tvoju pomoc pretvoriti
    Polako cu stvarati i uvjek se nadati
    Da cu s tobom sve svoje snove dozivljavati
    Polako smo isli,lagano koracali
    Shvacali smo,da nas je bog zajedno zamisljao
    Ja jos uvjek shvacam i nadam se
    Da oprostajna poruka nije zadnja
    Koju si mi kao cura poslala
    Jer znam,da si me jako zavoljela


    Te oci tvoje,tako divne i plave
    Na tebe bi potrosio sve svoje dane
    Samo dodi i budi kraj mene
    …Ostale sitnice,vrijeme ce da pokrene

    Ocima mojim uvjek si se divila
    Svidjela si mi se,odma istog casa
    Takvu ja ljubav zovem
    Ljubav na prvi pogled…..
    Sanajali smo,divili se i mastali
    Da cemo se svaki dan ljubiti i grliti
    Sanjam jos uvjek da ovo nije kraj
    Da cu sa tobom docekati novi dan
    Znam,da ovo nije neki san
    Ali probat cu zaspat,da nas barem sanjam
    Jel ono sta sam s tobom imao
    To nikad necu vise imat …
    Pa te molim,polako dodi i pridi
    Da sve ispocetka mozemo poceti <3


    Te oci tvoje,tako divne i plave
    Na tebe bi potrosio sve svoje dane
    Samo dodi i budi kraj mene
    …Ostale sitnice,vrijeme ce da pokrene

  16. I LIKE it

  17. i made what i personally believe to be my best song over this beat. thank you slantize you are truly blessed.

  18. I Like it


  20. yeah buenisima base

  21. lol

  22. I’m from Bosnia nd i dont speek engl very good, so sorry for mistakes in grammar.. but i didn’t find any slant’s beat that i don’t like :S damn these beats are incredible perfect :D

  23. HAPPY GILMORE!!!!!

  24. Me and my brother did this as our first song check it out..

  25. wow :)

  26. Hi all..i’m from Azerbaijan..OMG…applauses for you Slantize.!!!Cool beat

  27. güzel evet :D

  28. GüZeLL ßeATT

  29. Yah for all those wondering or not. I just want to say this is a sample from Irene Cara’s song for Flash Dance “what a feeling”..either way the makeover for the song is ill. Keep pushing out the dope beats!


  30. sO loneLy!!

    niCe oNe!!

  31. yeah men(Y) is veryy pfffff…

  32. This is Halo, all renewed… I don’t know if Beyonce’s beat-makers ripped you off, or the opposite, but this is ripped either way.. I like the flowin, though..

  33. you killin it man, keep makin them sick beatz…this is what we need more of

  34. I am moved by this beat. I’m gonna use this song to praise God!!

  35. . this beat is absolute 5/5

  36. Hey boi this shit right here nigga this shit right here nigga is dope as fuck. This shit goes hard as fuck. keep these bitches comin bro.

  37. this aint no chat room… so I’ll get @ you when, or if I ever happen to be out there in inbread heaven. constructive critisism.

  38. nice beats very

  39. Nice beat , i like it so much … One big shut up for all east side rappers , from KOSOVO

  40. oh and for they peoples that says this raw shyte rite hurr is like beyonce ya best get cha ears checked yo

  41. lol this beat isnt fit for country lol i made this beat sad as hell ahaha

  42. man i made a song to this shyte ahaha ntoe me if ya wanna hear it lol

  43. i love this beat dude.



  46. Okay who are you, Mr.E.Mac? Looking like some damn pedophile. Homie i wasnt talking to you but if you wanna join the conversation, go for it. The topic was constructive critiscm being completely off. Kinda like you and that stupid looking hat. i mean you do got a mirror right? i figured you stop at that dumb ass hat, but nope! he goes and puts on those corny ass glasses as well. Scarecrow Im way out of your league.

    Ya Boy,

  47. this beat is a madd clean composition, and I don’t diss on this beat at all. much props to all the beatmakers of shadowville. This one caught my attention only for the crispiness, all tho I wouldn’t rap to this, It is flowy and doable for someone…. slantize is a master of this shit. And I don’t recall anyone hating “yay boy”…

  48. This beat is not an exact copy of Beyonce’s Halo so quit lying. Granted this beat posseses similar qualities of Halo but nevertheless its not the same. Oh and Mr. Illest Wun theres nothing wrong with critiscm, only if its sucks ass. Which in most cases yours does. I find it merely amusing how you refer me to be on his nuts. Believe me homie, I have way more avenues than Shadowville. I respect art so i find it offensive when closed minded, immature individuals state irrational opinions. You see that shit all over the web. I guess some cats get kicks out of it, but im not one of them. I know your type homie, plagued all over, another two dimensional thinker. This beat is sick, why cant you just say so? Theres a reason why your speculating and you should consider it before speaking. Its simply because you cant do it your damn self. Understand this, its easy and anyone can be an armchair chess player. RESPECT the work.

    Ya boy,

  49. yo i made a song to one of your tracks is that ok i mention is your beat n were did i get it from the song is called a stor about a boY IM gonna send u the song

  50. hmm its called constructive criticism. I mean desik you can gargle slantizes nuts all day, he could put 100 beats up that sucked and you would rate them all 5/5. Stop bashing people who are telling it straight up how it should be.

  51. wow wow dudeee not fucking cool. selling this shit for money… its would be a nice beat if it wasnt the exact copy of beyonce halo dude haha i think its funny just look up halo instrumental and burn onto a cd dont waste $200 god damn ur a real jokee haha funny shitt but go away with this shit

  52. Got Dayum!!!! this is straight fire!!! I gotta say homie this is prolly my fav beat. yet again i see people hating. This right here is MUSIC, shows mad versatility and the composition is damn near flawless. good work Slantize, props on this 1. illest wun.. once again i see you on here hating. Saying something is wrong with the beat when theres not, your a fool. this beat is inspirational as hell, which one would assume is the reason why its labeled under Happy beats. whenever a beat comes out almost as if its speaking to you, puts you in a nostalgic mood, takes skill. again i have to explain to you, the verses cut off so an artist can showcase and also to gel with the track. The fact is every beat may have something wrong with it but in this case there isnt. in summary, to summarize it all, like ALex_Delarge said “Shits dope.”
    Ya boy,

  53. Shits dope

  54. the only prob with beat is that is its not happy enough for a happy track, and its not sad enough for a sad track ie the verses are sad but the chorus is happy. Agree with mr.e mac this beat would be really good for a country song or rock song, it could work for a hiphop song also but the hook would need to be done differently.

  55. is this a remade beat?? it sounds so familiar, like you sampled sumn…. im not sure if its that beyonce track passion and vanillax were referring to. but anywayz tha beats raw as hell, as alwayz.

  56. beats ok… but, I do not dig it as a hip hop artist. If I were garth bruks, then that violin would probably be the shit, but I’m not. I could still appriciate the beat tho. Justice before peace….

  57. wow definatly sick

  58. Respect ! Keep doin RNB beatz like diz1 mate..i need it rnb singa..cmon

  59. so true vanillax :P the piano is perfect so is the sad violin, u make incredible beats slantize!

  60. BEYONCE HALO!!!! I’ve been trying to figure out what this song reminded me of for like 10 minutes.

  61. omg this is exactly what i need and i feel at this moment… thanks, beautiful beat

  62. perfect…I need this one..
    Love the piano beats, Slant.

  63. Slant not to be on your nutz or anything but evry time you drop a beat its like DAMN BOIII. I dnt need to say it cuz we are all thinking it, but i’ll say it anywayz FIRE!!!!!!!!

  64. im gonna make a bomb drop,to get this money non stop
    i want a mtv crib and partys with honeys on top
    im going for the gold until the bunnys wont hop
    gotta get fresh off the block, cuz i don’t ever wanna rot

    this is good work. i got inspired right away

  65. Definetely love that one. Keep doin’ it Slant !

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