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We Never Been Hit

Jun 09 2006 | BPM: 90 | Producer: hala-X
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24 Feedback

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A very hypnotic track with steady drums. Pizzcato strings keeps the flow driving, with hot violin chopping fluctuating throughout the beat.

Moods: Dark

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24 Feedback to “We Never Been Hit”

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  2. How I can buy license of this beat?
    Is perfect!

  3. great

  4. hi this beat is the best i would utilzze this beat beat is unavaible i don’t have all rights.I Would like user for private use :) add me on : for send this beat thanks our boy shadwville is the best thanks a hala -x ,i love this man is the best beatmaker on this world

  5. i loved using this beat! its a hit in brighton! check out Echoes from the Jungle ft. Rickaby would appreciate any feedback!

  6. I still love this beat.

  7. music I have over 60 songz written to Shadow Ville. 1nz up right now were just recorded. Rough Mixed. If you want to hear more of what i have done with your instrumentals. Holla back. I can email you more music. Thankz. Thanks Shadowville.

  8. consider this shit *Bought*

  9. this beat is very sick

  10. damn..this is tite, i like the underground type stuff..the violin sounded tite thru the whole beat. the vynl is classick

  11. i like the intor to it…sounds like sutin from a movie with gangstas….its lika ombo of westsied and italian gangsta….nice bass and snare and strings man

  12. this shit s hott!lol

  13. nice kinda grimey feel…love the vibe of the beats….it’s hot.

  14. you i remember when DZK ripped this sick beat

  15. simple but good

  16. kewl

  17. this is SICK

  18. im in love with ;) lmao wow crazy beat deffinitely gonna let it blast in my car


  19. this beat is probably the best that Hala-X has made…i used it to make a remix of Necro’s song Nirvana

    peep it if you must

  20. Oh Yea

  21. hard-hitter. nice hits, a Hala-X tradition. I really like this beat. Does some more of that underground special. If you manhandle my mixtape, Ill shoot outta where im at into somewhere special.

  22. by the way, i love this beat.

  23. that’s because DZK did a song to it a while back, same beat.

  24. Wasn’t really diggin the static in this…
    This sounds like something DZK was already on…
    ‘Trained for ages in the Wutang Academy’ - that’s the line that comes to mind…

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