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Endless Days

Jun 17 2009 | BPM: 60 | Producer: Slantize
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37 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Sad piano beat with soft electric guitars and light synths on the chorus.

Moods: Sad
Genres: R&B

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37 Feedback to “Endless Days”

  1. I really want this beat ;(

  2. Is it possible if you can make another beat just like this one? I wrote a song to it, I was just about to download it and now its unavailable… I have written a song called Alone and everyone was feeling….. RNB is back!

  3. Slantize eh tratado de Encontrar este Beat en todos los lugares existentes de descargas ilegales en Internet sin resultado.. No me deja mas que pedirtelo Espero te pongas en contacto conmigo , , De verdad lo espero :) Grasias

  4. niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  5. veri good

  6. YEAHH

  7. yo man i got a track for this,its called ride in role!! i down laoded this beat before but now itsun availible.. i got the sone on mycspace.. i need to re do it our voices aint crispy and i got a new interface and mic to make it sound better…EVERY ONE LOVES MY TRACK BUT THATS ALL I HAVE OF IT.. I LOST THE FILES ON MY OLD PC WHEN IT CRASHED ALONG WITH.. ON LOCK!

  8. good

  9. pro :)

  10. yo love this beat can you make another just like it..?

  11. n1

  12. super bro but we cant download ejjen

  13. bet dogan bet beat yone alyp bolanok shosy yamyn eken

  14. yo man i got a tight as song 4 this can i get it availible

  15. obaaaaa

  16. hey everybody, has someone downloaded it? i wanna make a song for this.. :D!
    Please write to me ;)!
    My MSN is : :D!

  17. hey everybody, has someone downloaded it? i wanna make a song for this.. :D!
    Please write me.
    My MSN is : :D!

  18. ثنكس

  19. adiciona meu msn
    pecisava desse bit abraço

  20. ke onda no poes aki el mr fiwerk de tj my mail is fiwer_porticos

  21. Hey somebody allready have downloaded it? I wanna make a mixtape of this one please write me!
    My mail is
    and my msn is

    Please guys ! :):)

  22. My R&B singing group love the hell out of this beat……we have a small issue though!
    We downloaded it and made a slammin song out of it, but when I went to buy the non-eclusive rights to it, it was unavailable… there ANY WAY to get this beat…..our album is about to be releaed…..we’re out of Portland, OR. I could send you the song Mr. Slantize….please reply @

  23. R&B bEAT Very good

  24. i Like this beat !
    plz make beats like this !

  25. je kiff cette instru il sera ds ma next zik ^^

  26. i think im gonna buy this one


  28. deep, im really feelin this one man

  29. dope beat man, im really feelin it

  30. Perfection.
    This beat takes me to a other level. I have to say this is by far one of my favorites on SVP as of today. I have to give credit where its do, and Slantize you a beast on this one.

  31. eahs

  32. Damn tight beat!!!

    from HOLLAND

  33. damn yo this beat is some il shyte dawg keep it hot slant

  34. What’s called the synth to the chorus???

    THANKS ;)

  35. LOVE IT! =]

  36. Mayne THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT !!!!!!!!! This beat is pure genius…. Respect…

  37. Man i like this its calming and makes u think good shit as always slant

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