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Make History

Jun 18 2009 | BPM: 132 | Producer: Smoke
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12 Feedback

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Dark, epic violin and cello track with fast double-tempo drums.

Moods: Dark, Epic

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12 Feedback to “Make History”

  1. koji minus

  2. This A Fi Beat

  3. fuckin hard to write to. but the flow i got is great!! just hard to put much relevence for the pattern im trying to be consitant with!! check it;

    and im back-THOUGHTS runnin on the track-MORE
    comming to attack-SURE drumming on the wax-TALK
    stunning when i rap-BORN cunning as cat-STALK
    gunning for the rat-PAWS cutting when i slash-YOUR
    stomachs on the mat-JAWS thudding and i snap-STORM
    thunders n cracks-FORMED under the black-FALLl
    sunny till the map-DAWNS funny till the jacks-SORT
    druggies n a crack-WHORE commin through ya back-DOOR
    cuttin with a hack-SAW, thudding with a bat-FOUR
    hundred in cash-STORED under ya mat….. more commin to ya pad-for
    grabs to catch the cash bumpin ya stash….

  4. i like it

  5. go smoke goo!!! sickk dawggg

  6. This shit is poppin son:D

  7. sick ass beat man props on this one

  8. HeY SMoKe Let Me TeLL SomeThiNg
    You’re The Best GaNGaSta BeaT MaKeR!!! :D

  9. WhaT iS ThaT Shyt
    ThiS iS wHaT I’m Talkin about
    ThiS iS a GanGSta FuCkinG BeaT

  10. smoke knows how to make hits period another notch to add to his belt off hits, smoke should make a other r&b Beat

  11. Smoke you know how to make a gangsta ass beat! this shit is raw. Ive been waiting for ur shit to come out. Great work! keep em comming

  12. fuckin sick…good beat mang

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