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Body Rock

Jun 21 2009 | BPM: 76 | Producer: hala-X
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28 Feedback

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Funky, hypnotic buzzing beat with steady swing drums.

Moods: Frantic, Silly
Genres: East Coast

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28 Feedback to “Body Rock”

  1. beat is toooooooooo much
    is there no way of getting hold of it now?

  2. http://Www.GhomayshiNews.Vcp.Ir ————– > good

  3. Hala-X you should make a part two i think this beat is the best so far, that strange instrumental is just amazing to me

  4. love the beatboxing

  5. hi pss no ingles you espaƱol
    pero akki esta la opinion para al hala x esta xida la de bang bang

  6. Aiyo fam, DOOOPE azz beat… You got bizzy on it… And yo, I did a verse to this beat…. I was going to post it in the forums, let me know if that’s cool… 10/10

  7. damn is this real or what… respect.. 5/5

  8. yahhh

  9. man this beat is so raw, im loving this shit

  10. Go to my profile i used this beat “WTF!?!” Check it out

  11. This beat can’t be real… :O

  12. a+

  13. TEN outta TEN, fam!!!!!!

  14. SICKNESS!!!

  15. i only come here for your beats. since sinima and 2deep have their own soundclick.. why dont u have ur own page? or do u? damm man ur beats are the ones that stand out the most here . deff 5/5

  16. Skills

  17. this shyt right here is crazy nutz,mad props to you hala x you the best on the silly beats keep doin ya thang


  18. man forget what yall heard this beat is maybe one of the best is not the best on here but i garuntee cats with no lyrical skills gonna hate on it and stay away from it let me see who has the balls to get on it beezy nugga the collabo killa

  19. best beat ive heard soo far makin it into a song dawgg, keep it reall

  20. this is great job . i like u work. keep up

  21. oh my god, like i honestly feel like its disreepectful not to get on this one… i got chills, props on this

  22. El mejor.

  23. yeah, ummm, this is pretty much sick as fuck.

  24. That is off the chain! I absolutely love this, its incredible.. One of the best Ive heard from you.

  25. i was wondering where you been…obv. in the lab cookin this up 5/5

  26. hala x that track is bonkers!! one of the best i herd so far!!

  27. oh.
    Hala……..4 beats by you that make me go INSANE.
    1. Body Rock
    2. Fresh
    3. Keep Hustlin’
    4. Underground King

  28. ahahhhhhh fuckin love it man….ahhhhahh yesss.

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