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Follow You Until The End

Jul 07 2009 | BPM: 90 | Producer: Slantize
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32 Feedback

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A powerful, emotional melody comprised of cello, piano, and a splash of rock guitars and synths over heavy acoustic drums.

Moods: Dark, Inspiring, Sad
Genres: East Coast, Urban

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32 Feedback to “Follow You Until The End”

  1. i like

  2. you killin em slant, big up man

  3. Check out the mother’s day music video i made with a shadowville beat.

  4. ничтяк сайтик)))))

  5. OMG!! Slantize you own the biggest hits of my upcoming album!! WTF BOOOOM

  6. dope beat slant very deep

  7. Dude ur beats are awesome…..they go so smoothly and on time…i love it!!

  8. This Kicks are sooo heavy.

  9. Well done ..
    That’s the kind of beat i was looking for..
    thanks ;)

  10. Great and excelent.

  11. good man :D

  12. vooooovvvv follow you until :d:D

  13. now as i sit my self down in a place-to-pray,
    i beg that god forgives me when i make-mistakes,
    seems like everything i want in life i break-to-chase,
    and always a buck-to-short.. or a day-to-late
    every girl i feel in loved seemed to stay-to-fake
    nowadays ‘fuck-your-whores’ for that games-you-played
    alotta poeple walkin past me ‘can i trade-you-place’?
    exuse me sr? take-your-face? can i take-your-name?
    and dear-mum, with every tear know i hate-your-grave
    when fear-struck close-my-eyes and i paint-your-face
    to slow-my-mind hold my ears and i say-your-name
    scream to god ‘how the fuck could you debate-her-fate!!’
    n fuck these poeple sometimes. for the pain-you-gave
    i still treat you with respect when i hate-you-mate
    my feet burn from this path but i stay-through-faith
    god help me. but my sins got me saved-to-late

    vs 2

    i close-my-eyes sometimes when im scared to see-the-light
    roam-my-mind for the pictures i find to keep-me-frightened
    my demons gotta hold on my liesh n keep it tightened
    i mean-this, believe-it what i see’s got me screemin
    percive-this, i think not, i keep bad-secrets
    when ya worst nightmares what my best damn-dream-is
    im bleedin, my tongue got bit inside my sleep-
    though im swippin wit fires strickin in my eye-lids
    im breathin till death decides to see my dyin?
    im fine-with a place by his side and where the light-is
    il fight with the grace and the pride-of-a-lion
    size-of-a-giant, might-of-titan
    strick-like-a-vickin who battles-till-death
    feel my heart-beat through words when i channel-my-breath
    il over come what i fear most, cos imma surviva
    lightin the sky-up, rise like a fire!


  14. Damn! That melody is crazy, excellent work Slant!!!

  15. nutha classic…

  16. Easily the greatest thing I’ve heard come out of Shadowville.

  17. wtf, why is this 4/5, this is so real, so sick, big props slant

  18. Yo man ur one of the illest no doubt. Almost every track I spit to is a Shadowville track. Yo man what do I gotta do to roll wit you. Just check out my shit. Most of the instrumentals are by u guys so just lemme know what I can do to progress Shadowville.

    - Me

  19. Fort Minor, M Shinoda, can definatle hear them on this
    I just wanna spit on the chorus, some ‘i’ll make them see, we’ll make it’ type shit

  20. Piano = 0.5 Repent The Sin ;) Good work tho ;)

  21. nobody ever gave me something so real… none stop props

  22. man i love this beat, its perfect. the hook is perfect and the verses are soo nice man. dont know how you do it, but keep doin it , good job, 5/5

  23. Desde españa!!!! Eres una makina +++++

  24. Boooooooooo!

  25. finally a producer that dont fuck up the damn verses and the hooks most sit there have sick hooks wack ass verses or wack ass verses and sick ass hooks beats change every 16th after 31 its the hook thats 16th then back to the 32s :P lovin this beat fuck what anyone says 5/5

  26. Hot Muthaphukkin Shit!
    Love this sikk Beat.
    Keep doin and Stay Focused bro.


  27. damnnnn youve done it again bro… this shit is sick def feelin this one…. 1000/1000

  28. love this one man!! :D 5/5

  29. Sick Beat Slantize this is excaxtly the kind of beat i was lookin’ for nice work 5/5

  30. SICK !

  31. how could you make a beat that reflects my mood at the exact time I feel it..
    5/5 with a big teardrop on top. <— to all the haters of that, fuck you.

  32. aye yo hot shyte slant alwayz wat it is 5/5

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