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Whispers In The Dark

Jul 19 2009 | BPM: 87.5 | Producer: 2Deep
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28 Feedback

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Eerie, dark, yet beautiful piano and violin sample with smooth bassline and drums.

Moods: Dark, Relaxed, Sad
Genres: Underground

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28 Feedback to “Whispers In The Dark”

  1. check my enter on this beat ”for my language

  2. Bu Şarkıyı indirmek İstiyorum Ama Kaldırılmış Nasıl Bulabilirim

  3. bomb


  5. beat

  6. Hello!! If (or) send it on my mail thanx!!!

  7. Why we can’t download that beat ? (I’m new here and I don’t know)


    @mannymbg, Tudo bem mano, es da tuga?

    @sal, Yaa mano és tu quém produz esses beats??

  9. please man,send me the bit.

    he is amazing!!

  10. indiremiyoruz ya en çokta ona yanarım (:

  11. Respect 2DEEP

    Серега Кондрат тоже минус приметил=)

  12. supper

  13. прост супер

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  16. wow can’t get any more of an emotional beat killed it.

  17. ben buna yazarım

  18. this is a pretty nice beat, 4/5

  19. 5 of 5 !! great beat.

  20. So sad, yet so uplifting at the same time. Lives up to the name ‘2 Deep’. 100/100.

  21. cada uno te tus instrumentales tienen un toke especial
    every one of your beat has a special touch!

  22. lovin it man good work.defo gonna do a lov song on this 1

  23. loving this one

  24. sick. real calm and laid back

  25. <3 2deep beats.

  26. kinda spiritual beat…
    Deeep one man..
    Good work…
    keep it up…
    i like yr style…

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