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Similar Artist Style Feature


10:01 pm
September 17, 2008


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Brooklyn, NY


Whassup Folks,

If you click on individual beat pages, you will now notice on the right hand side it shows ‘Similar Artist Styles’. This will show any type of known artists/celebrities that sound like they fit with this beat, either production-wise or vocally. However, this is not suggested by Shadowville Productions, but by the public. You will notice there is a small box that allows you to ‘Suggest An Artist’ (click the [?] question mark by it if you need help).

So basically Shadowville needs your help in categorizing the beats by artist style. So whenever you hear a beat that you think would fit perfectly for a known artist, suggest it to us.

The system will recognize if enough people suggest the same artist on that beat, and when it does, it will approve it and publicly display it.

In the long run, this system will help everybody find beats faster and more accurately.

So help out, and enjoy!


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