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Common Mistakes While Repairing Your PC Self-Repair Practice Among PC Owner

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11:51 am
December 30, 2020


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Self-Repair Practice Among PC Owner

Most individuals do their own PC fix because of two things: 1) they found an online instructional exercise on the best way to do it and 2) they think that its modest and saves cash. They will in general get a screw driver, do some arbitrary codes in CMD Prompt or even change some registry settings. Yet, there are so numerous reasons why I would say no to this training. It may harm some parts not identified with your unique issue or it may cause some misconfigurations in your inside systems. Technicians will ask you heretofore what is the issue of the gadget just to discover that you have just accomplished something out of your control, adding harm to the unit. Regardless, in the event that you have an almost no information at all about PC fix, I suggest you search for a licensed or qualified individual to take care of the work.

Here are some normal practices or solutions individuals discovered on the web and gave it a shot their units.

ATX Power Supply Troubleshooting

Your unit don’t start up or power on. You found an instructional exercise to check the ATX power supply where in you hop the green and dark terminal and when the crate fan spins, the force supply is in acceptable condition. It is a risky troubleshooting hack, just like what they call it, because it might cause short circuits inside the supply box. You may hop an off-base pin and may cause undesirable connections. You may coincidentally contact the jumper wire (uninsulated) not realizing that it still has a live current in it however it just has some stimulating force (yet never attempt to contact it). Take sure to leap the right line. In the event that you find that the wires/lines has consumed colors and that the dim wire looks like the dark ones, it would be troublesome. You should search for the schematic of the force supply brand on the web or you may have to open up the supply box to check for its labels imprinted on the PCB board. With the force supply having various lines/wires, you may not understand what wire is in a difficult situation unless you use an appropriate device. Devices like the multimeter were imagined to take care of the work.

Force On Shortcut Via Front Panel Pins

Front board pins were composed of the Power Button, Reset Button, HDD LED and Power LED. Your board was out the case and you were troubleshooting. You need to turn the board on and you discover that by hopping the Power Button pins in the front board set will do the thing. Yes, it would yet there are some precautions you need to know. You need to ensure you have your enemy of static strap on you to eliminate any arbitrary flow or power on your body. It may shock some of the parts of the board. The thing was known as the Electrostatic Discharge or ESD and might harm your unit’s fragile parts. This is also pertinent each time you do a maintenance or open up your unit.

Working Outside or Inside the Unit Case

Some pulls out the motherboard off their case to work on it while some just works on it offhand on the inside. There were cons on the two sides yet the pros are the same: you can fix your unit.

On the off chance that you want to work outside the unit, just try to put the board on a perfect table, liberated from solder wastes and different metals like wire cuttings and tools to forestall short circuits. Working outside the board will keep the board from bowing in the event that you just have standoffs in the corners of the board. On the off chance that you are working with the board inside the case, ensure you have a total set of standoffs installed under the board to keep it from twisting while at the same time installing RAM cards or inserting the connections to various ports. Be cautious on applying pressure down the board.

Commands in CMD Prompt

You should not just do some irregular commands in the CMD Prompt. You may change some configurations and cause some changes that may make your system unfeasible. Some commands like the Diskpart, without appropriate information or preparations previously, you may coincidentally erase a drive you are not suppose to because of the Select Disk order especially in the event that you have numerous drive and partitions. There were commands like the Format and the likes that may harm your system without you knowing. The commands need a legitimate boundary and lines to make it fill in as anticipated.

Online Repair Tools

While some software can help you manage the problems you jumped on your PC (for example refreshing drivers, tidy up, and so on), different problems can’t be solved by just software alone. There were sites where you can see applications that can resolve issues like slow PC processes, graphics differences, slow web association and even secure your gadget and shield from malwares and spywares. You will think that its useful because of what it offers regardless of whether it will cost you some dollars for a top notch version. Just recollect that before you download and pay for the excellent features, an appropriate troubleshooting may take care of the work. It’s smarter to check for the genuine issue prior to investing on arbitrary software without assurance that it will resolve the issue.

Safety Reminder, Pal

It is ideal to get familiar with some “tech-fix stuffs” on the web yet don’t focus on a single site and check if there are different solutions aside from the first one you saw or read. In that manner you can check which source is an almost a hundred percent solid. Remember to check the reviews beneath their sites. You can see those who have done the things stated on the site and said it works. Some manufacturers have their specialized support teams trusting that your calls and prepared will assist you with your unit. In the event that you are unsure in the event that you can deal with the maintenance or not, it is still wise to consult or recruit a professional or qualified individual to do the support and fix of the unit. It sure will cost you some cash yet it’s better than losing the entire unit. It can also forestall added cost because of some damages that you’ve finished with self-fix.


2:54 pm
September 19, 2021


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