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Rapper from (morocco) + song “underground rap”

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6:43 am
May 26, 2009


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salamu alaykum

I'm “Badr Yahya” a.k.a “Culasse” , a 19 year old rapper/singer.
my name is Badr Yahya
Originally From Errachidia city (morocco)

I've been rapping since the age of 15 (2005) , n' have had a passion for music ever since it was created! =)

I'm a pretty solid man lol, just wanting to put out good music (with english lyrics)  n' have everyone enjoy it ..I'm versatile n' i love to experiment with all types of music!

my mixtape “Culasse25″ will be a great success nshaallah

i wanna tell u that even we don't have a studio in “errachidia city” we stay in our vibration… we wanna make revolution :D

I enjoy all the comments and feedback from everyone! Thank you all!


this song is mine

beat prod by Hala-X of shadowvilleProd  —-  “rayeh a sahbi”   download


Peace out Smile

we rap cuz we wanna change our situation.. Vs u.s.a system.. peace & F*ck the police