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SuperKid Vs A Manic

Open Battle


4:00 am
September 7, 2009

SuperKid of Hartless Ent.

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KoreanNuke said:

i feel that you fell off beat in one or two spots but danm s**ts FIRE love it haha

liked 1st verse better then 2nd tho so is the battle over??

yeah i heard it to but at this point i was thinkin seein how its the 3rd song i dropped on him and he still hasnt posted and i just found out he doesn't always write his own s**t i just had a lack of care


11:25 am
September 7, 2009



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North Battleford,Sk,Canada


Yeah dude sick ya know

4:52 am
September 11, 2009



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sydney, australia


id have to agree with a previous comment. i only listened to the origional drop btw.

i think you need to work on your flow a tad bro. its deffinatly good, dont get me wrong. but there are some lines that you do struggle to get out. flow is good, but at the same time because some of your lines sound 'awkward' to me, it affects your delivery. alot of your punches drop befor the end of the beats count and sometimes a lil after the beats count. if you get me.. its to say, that your delivery is a lil late and at times a lil early.

id deffinatly love to here you use some more metaphores and wordplay. especially for battles. alot of people dont understand the importance of punchlines!! for one to say as an apparent 'punchline':

- il shoot you in the head, cock it back till ya dead

till a search party finds you with a dome fulla lead -


i personally believe that these types of lines in battles should be awarded little points…

attack your competetor personally and use your clever lines. because you did have some nice lines in there, mate. so i know you could smash it!

also, multies will go a far way to create a dope flow and structured verse.

hope this helps


im from biblical-dawns, unpredictable the mirical-born bungie jumping outta stomachs from umbilical-cords! - asher

8:19 am
September 11, 2009



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StAteN iSlaNd


damn fam u comin at this cat everyday till he drops something, thats epic to me. yo i liked all of the s**t u dropped but sk i know u, and u could come alot harder then this. sometimes its who u battle that brings ur best s**t out. now a days cats want to hide there music pages and try to give no info. so i feel u did the best that u could of done without really knowin this cat. all u cats that just want to hear medaphores and multies all day need to understand that some battles need to basic and straight to the point. sk, i give u a 7/10 only because i know that u could come harder