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The RAPture

Open Battle


3:17 pm
November 20, 2009



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Post edited 2:21 pm - November 20, 2009 by sammyp24

Check Out the new rap clan The RAPture on facebook! Search the RAPture, the group bio is a telling that we are a rap clan, then explaining what the real rapture is. New Songs Posted, there are 6 total songs on the page! More are recorded but you know we cant give away our whole act! Check it out beats used mostly. Check out the Hit Song “Trick or Treat”, the beat in that song is BLACK WIDOW by SLANTIZE.  Or the other hit “Funeral Music For Mr. Carter”, the beat used in that song is THE REAL WORLD by SINIMA. Check us out, Become our friend and Tell your friends!!

-Sammy P


3:44 pm
November 20, 2009

Josh Taylor


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This is an open battle why?

And WTF is up with the name jacking?

lol, jk Laugh

Comeback Trail.