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What is your hobby?

Open Battle


3:43 am
August 18, 2021



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I’m a little bored so I’m doing a survey. They say that modern hobbies are often associated with the computer. Is it really. I love to draw)) I am great at gouache. What have you chosen for yourself?


4:34 am
August 18, 2021



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Hey! I like to draw myself. I even have my elementary education in this area. But I almost stopped making original sketches after picking up a graphic tablet. I agree that the computer and the Internet have given me more freedom of expression. What would I do differently during lockdown?)) My brother plays online games and I draw. That’s all..

5:31 am
August 18, 2021


Fresh Meat

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Hi everyone! I want to add a couple of cents to your argument.) The thing is, I love video games. I only played on the console when I was a kid. But I discovered a different kind of gaming hobby after graduating from university. Once my roommate showed me judi slot online. These games are considered to be a type of gambling. You bet your real money and play. I liked the slot options. This is something that did not distract me from communication or work but allowed me to take my free time when I needed it. My typical total weekly winnings are up to $ 400. This is not bad for yesterday’s student) Now you understand that having an online hobby is not only modern but also profitable)

2:46 am
November 12, 2021



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Hobbies are really important and they help us a lot. I personally like crafting a lot, and I often make some cool Custom Lapel Pins with the help of the serivce from for example. My friends like such things a lot, and I also sell them online. It is a great hobby/small business I guess

8:12 am
April 15, 2022

karter bob

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