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Hottest Beats you will EVER HEAR


1:26 pm
December 25, 2008



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Aight fellas im gonna be real as hell

I am NOTTT one of those cats advertising cheap ass beats for like 2 cents a piece, I am not a typical popcorn producer, I am a musician who crafts quality instrumentals, because lets be serious,,,,, you GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   So to all my emcees and singers who got their stacks up, holla at my page




1:48 pm
December 25, 2008


Master Shadowvillian

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I'll be real too.

You've got some pretty nice beats, respect on that.


Crafting quality instrumentals? A 'G' an instrumental? Guaranteed a hit? I dont think so fam. No hate or anything, but your mixing game is sub-par. The melodies are atleast catchy, but guarantee'ng a hit and charging an arm and a leg, saying these are top notch and you get what you pay for? Lol, come on fam. Once you start on that, then I have something to say about it.

Most of the instruments/percussion/synths/bass/and drums (pretty much all of it) you use sound factory made (straight turn off), and to be honest, lot of repetitiveness. That and you should atleast finish a beat. Snippets only work when its just the dopest s**t you've ever heard.

But, aye, you think you can do it, can't knock your hustle, so 1.

2:06 pm
December 25, 2008


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Kissimmee, FL


As a fellow producer i also stand by Pikk's opinion. Theres no doubt that you are not some popcorn producer but you are also not Scot Storch either. No offense but alot of the beats in this site are better than yours, and so are many other producer's beat so to charge so much when you pretty much just started a soundclick page i thinks that a little…cough….i mean WAAY too much homie.

Like Pikk said, your beat are alright but too repetitive and while the sampled ones are great quality not every artist likes sampled styles and to say its a guarantee'd hit is a little bit too much.

And one more note: since your soundclick has the default background it is not very attractive to customers. People go for eye candy and if they see something plain like that plus the added “A G per beat” they will end up leaving your page before they even listen to your beats.

3:33 pm
December 25, 2008


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i did like that kingdom hearts s**t