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How do I post a beat to sell


10:44 am
February 11, 2010


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How do I post a beat to sell?

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12:25 pm
February 11, 2010


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Post edited 11:38 am - February 11, 2010 by p.I.k.k.

If you're another confused person who's come to Shadowville thinking he/or she can post beats on the website to sell, well I've got one thing to say to you: I hope an airplane crashes into your house n burns your family to death.

If that isn't what you're asking/or suggesting, then visit to create a page to post your beats up for sale. They have heavy traffic circulating daily and with some experience in marketing, you can get noticed pretty quick, with the right beats.

Or, IF you consider yourself hot enough to join the SVP team, then email with a variety of your beats.

My comments do not reflect Shadowville Productions or any Shadowville authority whatsoever. I am a humble SVforums user and I hope my remarks were not taking as so.

12:40 pm
February 11, 2010

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^ yep, what he said… more or less.

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