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Konica C364e C284e C224e series scanning to folder and scanning to email i


11:58 am
May 9, 2022



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Our customers more and more generally use their own IT people to connect the Konica MFP’s to their network. Lately it seems we get a lot of calls from these IT guys asking for assistance with scan to folder or scan to email “compatibility issues”. They usually blame the machine and are telling the customer that it must be a problem with the Copier Firmware or settings even though the copier has the latest firmware already installed. And, of course, the customer doesn’t want to pay more to use our IT subcontractor who has never had issues yet connecting the 4 series..

Can’t imagine these 4e series units with the most recent firmware are having compatibility issues. I am aware that some of these people find it difficult to setup when they use Office 365. But lately many also struggle with SMB/Scan to folder setup.

Nobody having an issue setting up network printing. All the cries for assistance pertain to scanning.

Anyway, guess I just want some feedback as to what are the most common mistakes made by non-Konica IT guys when setting up scanning to email or folder …….and if firmware issues or the constant changes being made to Windows 10 might really be causing compatibility issues when it comes to the 4 series.


1:00 pm
May 9, 2022



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It made me hate working with people. I thought many problems due to people don’t know how to communicate with each other. Over the years of working with machines, I realized that people aren’t very good at communicating with technology. It’s much easier to blame the machine for something than admit that you are hopelessly stupid. Most “specialists” get jobs by accident, I’m sure. Also, I’m sure everyone on this forum knows at least one such person who got a position through acquaintances. What to demand from a person who can’t parse the Windows license update rule?