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selling beats?


7:17 pm
January 21, 2010


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Los Angeles


to any producers that sell their beats, how/where exactly do you guys do it and generally for how much? thanks


7:33 pm
January 21, 2010


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Somewhere near a bunch of beavers….


just go to

you'll see all the big n small producers there you'll see the variety of beats being sold on there for what prices , package deals and all that….exactly as you would find here on

so buy buy buy from

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8:09 pm
January 21, 2010


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Posts: 517

Los Angeles


oh no im a producer, and was thikning bout trying to sell some my stuff, so i was wondering where other producers do

6:30 pm
January 25, 2010


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You can go to soundclick but it is cheaper to just get your own domain name and hosting and sell from your own site.  Compared to having a Vip account and the cost of advertising on soundclick, 

The tradeoff is you have to put in work to get people to your site and soundclick already has lots of traffic.

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1:03 am
January 27, 2010


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you can start by going to to create a good looking artist/producer/band site..with a FREE market already on it all for $20 a month

FOR the BEST beats on the net HANDS DOWN come to 2 beats for 1 3 beats for 2 5 beats for 3