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What is your favorite piece of jewelry?


5:03 am
April 25, 2022



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My favorite piece of jewelry is an Arizona turquoise and silver necklace given to my husband’s mother when she was a newlywed.
It was a family item made in the 1920s by an uncle, a famous Navajo silversmith at the time.
My husband’s mother was white and she married a Navajo man.
When I was young I loved to travel the four corners and collected quite a lot of turquoise and silver jewelry, both Navajo and Hopi, so my mother-in-law bequeathed all her silver to me when she died.
Unfortunately, none of my own daughters or granddaughters love these classic pieces, and I think I’m going to sell them to someone who appreciates the timeless quality of vintage handmade Native American jewelry… except for the necklace. That I will force one of them!


6:28 am
April 25, 2022

kevin mot


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I actually love the jewelry even though I don’t wear it as much as I used to. Every day I wear princess cut diamond earrings , I have a bunch of other earrings and dumbbells for my ears, but these are my everyday and festive ones. I can literally put them in and forget about them for months, they don’t lose their back, stick out, or anything like that. I used to prefer rings, but with my body in recent years, not so much because my ring size can change throughout the day. Maybe I can go back to them when my body decides.