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After school, going hom


6:43 pm
November 29, 2018



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After school, going home, I saw a few children playing soap bubbles in the yard.y all know that blowing soap bubbles is my skill, so I will go down and play with them. I will put the grandmother and grandmother in a small bottle and add some water to melt it. Then take a straw. Put one end of the straw into the soapy water, damp the soapy water, and blow it slowly. One small ball dances in the sky. On the crystal clear little bubble, the rainbow-like color floats Online Cigarettes Free Shipping, beautiful! time I blow a small bubble, the child will fan up with the palm of his hand, making the bubble fly higher. We also play the bubble who blows, but this is to test the technology! The amount of soapy water in the straw is related to the size of the soap bubble. I put the straw into the soapy water and gently blew it. A big, crisp bubble flew up into the sky. Finally, my bubble was the biggest. I won the time, a little brother walked over and said: “I blow the bubble is the biggest!” After that, he put the soap on his hand, crossed his hands, slowly opened to form a film, gently blowing … big A bubble flies to the blue sky.soap bubbles floated with the wind, with my childhood and a happy smile from the children. There have been many things happening around me this semester Cheapest Online Cigarettes Free Shipping. The most impressive thing about me is the thing that happened on the way out of school on Friday.g a little embarrassed. After school that day, I went with Lin Shuo and Wang Shuo Newport 100 Cigarettes. Lin Dai grew chubby, not very good at learning, courageous, and slow Marlboro 100′S Cigarettes Online, often the object of our teasing. Walking to the cement road by the river, I suddenly wanted to tease the forest, so I secretly negotiated with Wang Shuo, and then invited Lin to “walk away.” Lin Dai stupidly agreed. So, the two of us took a big step and walked forward, leaving him far behind. Because he was not allowed to run, he had to move his two fat legs with difficulty, and he was too tired to get angry. A wild dog on the road scared him. We stood on the stone pile in front and shouted “Little Turtle Refueling” while laughing and leaning forward. Lin’s face was red and white.laughing, my feet were slipping, I fell to my feet, and I couldn��t climb because of my pain. Fortunately, Wang Shuo helped. Lin Dai finally found the opportunity to “revenge”, and he began to laugh too exaggerated Discount Newport Cigarettes. I am very angry, can I have any solution? Just now I am laughing at others, I am really self-confident!oked at me so much that I sighed, and immediately closed my mouth. Together with Wang Shuo, I helped me to go home, making me very uncomfortable.