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anybody wanna get down for the undergorund sound.


1:26 am
January 18, 2008


Fresh Meat

Posts: 5


who wants to battle.


9:28 am
March 14, 2008

MR. manORmyth


Posts: 10


me kid

9:33 am
March 14, 2008


Fresh Meat

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Windsor, ON. Canada (across Detroit River)


i hit the track so hard i make you bleed,
the blood rush’s outa ya eyes, as soon as i squwees
i think i have a problem maybe a mentel desise,
but you keep holdin me back, as soon as i sneez
you mother f**kers better get on ya knees,
i aint play’n, b*tch this isent a dream,
you yell, fight back or try an screem.
ill f**k you up worse then melted ice cream/
i’ve come up in the world without an ego,
now im just being me, doing my self
i aint your amego, f**k this kid,
ill kill you latino, dont matter,
oh no me a no go, come to your show blow it up an let you go? hell no
just like you wish, ill come back with a brick,
im the man with that thunder fist, capable, of a switch.
destroy da snitch, kill ya click an dreams of that stupid trick
send your ass home with a kiss but thats just what it is/

James♚Logaии ™