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Bring on the best! I’m ready


11:53 pm
July 6, 2008


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Somewhere near a bunch of beavers….


what happened to a vocal battle?….

I don’t own Shadowville

4:31 am
July 7, 2008



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lol, droppin bombs like terrorist with parkinsons..illest wun is nasty ill

Before you head out like a newborn….

11:39 pm
July 9, 2008


Fresh Meat

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you ready
im bout to spit my rimes out like nasty spaggetii
throwin u all over the place like its confeddi
pull out the machette
and cut you up in to little pieces
and speakin of pieces
i carry heat b*tch
dont make my finger twitch
cuz i already got this ich
i got ya b*tch too
she found me
and to you was like f**k you
cuz ur str8 wack
first nitee witt her brokee her back
staten nyc
thats wea im at
cud find me in sunnyside great kills todt hill
wearin a hat

10:14 am
July 10, 2008


Fresh Meat

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OK this aint directed at any1 but who ever wanna do his thang against me i welcome the challenge….

For the longest time,
many have been writing rhymes,
Spitting lyrics,
bout how many can say Rap is in their Spirit,
even when he sleeps he can hear beats,
Ima sailor navigating through the fog,
but im addicted to the siren so i fall,
into an ocean of Rhyme and Rhythm.
Swept away by wave of passion for the art,
recognize hip hop is poetry from the start,
while those who dream bout being in the top charts,
selling a million wax,
and owning platinum Plaques,
and a billion dollar yacht where they can relax,
well im not like that,
Im a servant of hip hop,
a child of beeb bop,
and im never gonna stop,
never leave home with out my pen and my pad,
a true lyricist,
with out them u cant exsist,
spit a message through ur rhymes,dont b a mindless B*tch

10:17 am
July 10, 2008


Fresh Meat

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sweetleafhitta420 said:

I come with the mataphors,
with sylables on steady cousre,
be ready for the war set to mentaly distort,
see your thoughts get defferd because you’re worse than inadequate
elaborate mids defy your very rhymes,
contemplate my every line,
but im so foramlistic,
leaving you hopeless like anirism,
I will banter your vision,
Slander your opinion,
With the infamous hit or miss incubus,
Stocking up on wisdom,
ready to devour you like a locked up demon,
stop your lungs from breathing,
You can see the smoke rise from the fire in my eyes,
Don’t mistake this with a dream this is elm street revised

that was ill,some 1 who comes with lines like those knows the true meaning ofhip hop props