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Call out to ALL of the fake rappers on here


1:38 pm
June 6, 2008



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I could sum up all of y'all in three words

Money, cars, and honeys

Its the same thing every other verse

You ain't go to jail

Didn't commit any crimes

Sayin you the king they should hail

Because you can rhyme a couple of lines

Nobody wants to hear about how you do in bed

Every other lyric, involves givin head

Or drugs, or countin the bucks

Quit lyin,

Its cause of fakes like you

That rap's been dyin

I know you probably think

“Who the heck does this boy think he is?”

I'm the real thing, y'all are just posterchild's

You complain all you want

Bein' in denial.

You wanna know who I am?

I'm the equation you can't solve

Bringin the new vibe,

While you stick with the old

While you sit there with your plated gold

While you lyin there in the freezing cold

Realizing that I got you in the lyrical chokehold

I ain't got a closing statement

A final word


It's mine- ya heard


2:15 pm
June 6, 2008



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Founding father of the “Proud Organization of Professional Anti-Hyists” aka “POOPAH”

2:50 pm
June 6, 2008



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oh us fakerappers, thank god ur here to save hiphop for us

monkey see, monkey do

2:57 pm
June 6, 2008


Master Shadowvillian

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since you know… he called out alot of people

i woulda thought his verse would actually be decent..

Withered Wallflower (Nothing is Sacred) out now

4:11 pm
June 6, 2008

king cobra

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uhm….ok then

10:37 am
June 14, 2008


Fresh Meat

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verses dont hurt inless your beat up out your shirt

like pussys that talk and say thay did a bunch of dirt

put in work left'em hurt,all your enimies done got merked

hows that work,you plastic ass b*tch pull up your skirt

kuz i think its been enough dog i gotta call that bluff

kuz all you f**kin did is jest watched when i ran up

as i beat your f**kin man up dog we got that s**t on camara

all kuz your punk ass was to scaired to f**kin stand up

you talked bout a battel well its time to f**kin man up

see im still broke so thrugh the struggle theres no light 

keeps me up in trouble letin go when i rip these mic's

you left his ass alone now ask your boy if that was right

like a pit i keeps it tight so call me sick kuz it jest feels right

i'm Da-K i love the fight not with words but lefts and rights

see its life not what you like take your ass back home and write

get it tight maybe then you could touch my mic ,ya right


7:08 pm
June 27, 2008



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I break backs like a chiropractor /
The underestimated factor when I attack ya //
I crush fake rappers /
Using force like a Jedi Master //
Ya need to relax or grab a xanax ‘fore yo eyes get blacked /
Try to run away and yo legs get clapped //
Try to save the day and yo ass get smacked /
Heroes around here, they get Saran wrapped //
I don’t know how to spit I just know how to rap /
Surrender’s not an option when I’m under attack //
Crouched behind tables with my hand on the gat /
I might die tonight but I’ll die shooting back //
Necromancy runs in my veins, I’m insane /
I’m the hardest like the last level in the game //
I’m derranged, sipping lean with Full Throttles /
It’s about time the streets got remodelled //
I’m a leader in the drug game, shut up and follow /
Last time you pushed coke the result was a bottle //
Now gravel cause I’m the greatest of my time /
Writing Heavenly words, cause my skills are divine //

Ten bars to end this conversation. Gothy Out.

Till my body collapses from my drug relapses / I’ll be spitting harder on the tracks than any other rapper / With my down south tactics, and my ghetto accent / I still remain the greatest with words since Scholastic