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CaLl OuT tO AnYbOdY DoN’t CaRe


4:02 pm
April 2, 2008



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First of all you aint old school/ Your beneath me like my old shoes/ How can you call the warrior a myth?/ But your the 1 getting juiced in the sieve/ I’m amazed you’r the hobbit within the mist/ Nourish up then try shifting some bricks/ I manipulate more kilos in the kicthen that angels could’nt resist/(YES VORTEX FEED THEM ANGELS A FIX)/ When its time to make my moves/ One call on Satan/  So he can bombard down your strip/ You wana play chase the dragon/ I’ll send you the bill/ Your my pray so  welcome to drift/ Sit back and relax/ While  I make you swallow your diss/ 5 minutes later (YUNGZ) slit of his wrist!


4:10 pm
April 2, 2008



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Ha i laugh at your lapel/ but your words are quite good enough but not swell/ just wait a minute/ how long did it took you to finish/ what 2, 3 hours nah it took you longer/ but like kanye said i can get better and stronger/ you say you want to chase the dragon/ aite i run you chase with a sh**ty wagon/ you are like myth/ but now i gotta away, walk to the mist

4:19 pm
April 2, 2008

Trey Catalyst


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tim treezy said:

there are rules?

no comment….

I Leave Girls Missin Periods, Like They Got Bad Grammar.