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Childhood is an interesting


6:44 pm
November 29, 2018



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Childhood is an interesting storybook, and every page is a big laugh. Today, I will open one of the pages Cheap Marlboro Free Shipping. I was a child, I used to carry toys around and sometimes I threw them on the ground. A new plush bear, in my hand for less than three or two minutes, immediately became as dirty as two or three years Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons. Mom always said, you see Cigarette Tobacco For Sale Online, these toys are broken and dirty, why don’t you know how to cherish it!day, my mother bought food and put all the dishes in the refrigerator. I am very curious: “Why should I put the dish in this big box?” Mom said: “This is called a refrigerator, which can keep fruits and vegetables fresh and not bad.” Oh, I understand, it should be put in. The things that remain in the new are unchanged. This is all right Cheap Wholesale Cigarettes, I thought about it and played it with joy. After lunch, my mother said, “I have something to go out and play at home!”the opportunity is coming. My mother��s forefoot has just left the house. I immediately started the ��Toy Big Preservation�� campaign. First open the refrigerator door, move all the vegetables, fruits, eggs, etc. out, and then use the basket to move the toys to the side of the refrigerator, put them one by one, and say to them, “Don��t be afraid! When you come out, you will It will become new, and my mother will like you.” I think, when I have changed so many things, my mother will definitely praise me! I carefully closed the refrigerator door. After a while, I rushed to see Newport Wholesale, “Hey, why haven’t you changed? Is it time?” After another ten minutes, when I was going to see it again, my mother came back, I am excited to take this. “Masterpiece” told her. mother came to the kitchen and looked at the dishes in the ground and the toys in the refrigerator. I still think about it, I still have a good aftertaste!love books because there is a lot of knowledge in the book.n I was young, I didn’t know the words, and my mother told me stories before going to bed every day. Since then, I have known “Thumbnail Girl” and “Ugly Duckling”.n I went to school, I went to study myself, like “When 100,000 Why” and so on. At that time, I also learned a lot of scientific knowledge. I grew older, I read the phonetic version of Journey to the West that my mother bought for me. From there, I also learned about Sun Wukong, Pig Bajie, Satay and so on. Moreover, I also know that they are happy every day. book is like my partner, because it brings me happiness every day.


10:57 am
March 28, 2019



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At that time, I also learned a lot of scientific knowledge.