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Have you heard the sound of snowflake


3:06 am
November 8, 2018


Fresh Meat

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Have you heard the sound of snowflakes falling? A small piece of snow flakes hand in hand, jumping on the ground together, “ž-ž”… quietly falling. Have you heard the sound of grass singing? She sang over and over again: “I am a little grass []Cigarettes Online[/url], I want to jump out of the most beautiful dance!” Singing gently, belongs to his own song of life. I can also hear a voice that no one else can hear, that is my own heartbeat.en feel my heartbeat, the sound of regular and powerful beating []Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online[/url], deeply shocked me, then I will find out: I am a real person, my life does not belong to anyone, only me I can only hear it, I can feel the shock that my heartbeat brings to me, the strength that brings me, the energy that brings me, and everything it gives me. This heartbeat has shaped me in the world, listen! “��, ��, ��, ��” Next time, strong and powerful.n the deep night, in the noisy crowd []Newport 100S[/url], in all the places that make me feel uneasy, I will try my best to calm myself down, hands on my chest, look at it []Cigarettes For Sale[/url], two times… listen to the heartbeat, let this have The beat of the rhythm calms my panic and uneasiness, gives me strength, gives me warmth, gives me courage, gives me confidence, gives me… Dad’s powerful big hand, mother’s gentle embrace. Life belongs to me. Listening to my heartbeat makes me feel the value of life. I want to hold it tightly.ou ever felt your heartbeat? Just gently put your hand on the chest, you can feel, listen to the heartbeat, quietly feel the existence of life, cherish life, shine. When you feel the joy that all this brings to you, you start to smile and laugh until you are deafening. At this time, you will hear the bird laughing at you, the big tree is laughing with you, the stream is laughing with you untille world is laughing with you. Today, I successfully read the famous title of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, because I have not had time to read since I bought the book The Romance of the is novel is mainly from the Yellow Turban Uprising, and finally to the reunification of the Western Jin Dynasty. It is based on the rise and fall of Wei, Sui and Wu, and depicts the sharp and complicated ruling military struggle during the Three Kingdoms uses a lot of space to describe several major battles, such as Yuan, the battle of Cao Guandu, the battle of Wei, Yu, and Wu Chibi. Each campaign has its own characteristics. The author succeeded in shaping some vivid and lifelike artistic images, vividly highlighting the character characteristics of the characters.e are many heroes in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms: Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Cao Cao, Zhuge Liang… Among them, I like Zhuge Liang.nows astronomy, geography, and people’s minds. He is a wonderful figure and resourceful. He is a very important person in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. He is the embodiment of wisdom and an outstanding politician and writer in the Three Kingdoms period. He is known as Mr. Wolong. His ability to govern the country and the military is a very good example for the later generations. Liu Bei San Gu Mao asked him to help out, and he proposed to Liu Bei that “Lian Wu resists Cao, according to Jing Yi, three points in the world”. In order to repay Liu Bei’s thoughts on Mao, he did his best to “do everything, die and die, and work hard,” and finally died in the northern front of the Northern Expedition. He borrowed Dongfeng, grass boat borrowed arrows, three gas Zhou Yu, Zhihua Huarong Road, cleverly set eight figures, suffocating Wang Lang, empty city meter, seven-star lamp, puppet retreat Sima Yi, kite to kill Wei Yan []Newport Cigarettes Coupons[/url], these are unimaginableo learn his “loyalty”. He has identified Liu Bei and he has never trusted others. This makes me admire. I remember that when the Japanese attacked our country, we Chinese people had a lot of traitors. Zhuge Liang It was like a general who followed the Communist Party at that time, not a villain. He would not give up his country for the profit of that person, and gave up his friends or comrades. In such a sinister period, he can be so loyal, really not simple!y something ugly, if we say that there is another World War in our world, really, there will be a few countries standing in their own country, not going to countries with developed technology (especially those small countries). ), I am afraid that there will be only a handful!re, I want to be a person who does not believe in treacherousness and does not give up his country, his comrades and friends for the sake of the small profits.m this famous name, I also collected a lot of after-speech words: Liu Bei fell to the children—buy people to go to the meeting - single knife straight into Zhang Fei to eat bean sprouts — a small dish of three smugglers - the top Zhuge Liang Cao Cao under Jiangnan - - Come to be fierce, defeated by Zhou Yu to fight Huang Gai - one is willing to fight, one is willing to swear the heart of Sima Zhao - passers-by know Sima Yi broke the Eight Diagrams - do not know how to understand Dong Zhuo Jing Jing - come not good Xu Wei Dou Ma Chao - - The bare-chested battle of Adou’s Jiangshan–white delivery.”lly, I would like to say that “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms” not only opened my eyes, but also told me a lot of little knowledge and the truth of being a man. It is really a three-pronged!