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ing money, and rushing to


10:43 pm
August 15, 2018



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Love is tea, bitter and sweet; love is a toffee, but the taste is end day, I finished playing badminton, sweating, holding money, and rushing to the small buying department. When I got there, the small buying department was already in groups. I finally waited until I bought it. I saw a big brother rushing in. I took the cola that the boss was about to hand it to me, dropped the money, and hurried away. I put down my hand to take Coke and asked the boss: “Is there any more?” The boss shook his head and said, “I’m sorry, that’s the last bottle.” “My heart was suddenly cold, and I was angry. I had to take the money soaked in sweat and walked down to another commissary. I was surrounded by a group of people, I was walking because of curiosity.” I used to look at it. It turned out that a little brother who was a good artist had a heatstroke because of the hot weather. Next, the big brother who just grabbed my cola was holding him up and giving Coke to the little brother. For a moment, I suddenly understood what the big brother had done. At this time, the big brother saw me and came to me and said, “Little sister []Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes[/url], I am really sorry. “It doesn’t matter, isn’t there something urgent?” “The fragrance of tea depends on the boiling water. And the truth of the world is also needed []Newport Cigarettes Price[/url].”On the Ching Ming Festival, mankind has a custom, that is, on this day, to commemorate the dead or to go out to the countryside. This year’s Ching Ming Festival mother promised to take me to the countryside - picking strawberries []Newport Cigarettes Coupons[/url].car to pick up the uncle, the aunt and the younger brother. They went to the city to pick strawberries. When I arrived at the destination, I jumped into the shed with a sneak peek []Marlboro Cigarettes Price[/url]. From a distance, the strawberry was “hanged” by a root. The vines were red and red strawberries. The strawberries are in various shapes, have a heart-shaped shape []Cigarette Online[/url], and have long strips; the colors are colorful, red, green, red and white, and red and green. I picked a red strawberry and put it in my mouth. I bite it, the juice flowed out, it was sweet, and it wad a bang, and then I looked back. I laughed. It turned out that my brother had fallen down me. I picked it and found a rule: the strawberry was exposed to the outside, and the back of the strawberry was green and white. The strawberry seemed to be disguising itself, showing the good side to people and letting people pick it. And hide the bad side. I think: This is a natural phenomenon of plants, but we humans can’t do this. We have to turn the white side into a red one.