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Lev Tolstoy once said: “The ideal


2:25 am
October 5, 2018



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Lev Tolstoy once said: “The ideal is the light of the road. Without ideals, there is no firm direction.” And my ideal direction is to be an electronic engineer.o you want to know how my ideal came from? Haha []Cigarettes Cheaper[/url], then I will tell you. In fact, my ideal is mainly from my father. He is an uncompromising car circuit engineer. Because of its superb technology []Marlboro Cigarettes Price[/url], many people come to Dad to repair cars every day. At that time, my curiosity rose again. Dad came home from work every day. I always asked my father: “Dad, Dad, how did you fix the car?” But Dad told me that as long as you learned you I understand []Marlboro Red 100S[/url], so when I was in the first grade, I saw my father repairing things every day because of the small number of courses. Later, I became more and more interested, which led to this interest []Marlboro Red[/url].er to achieve this ideal, I have also made a lot of efforts. As long as I have time []Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping[/url], I will concentrate on seeing books in this area, but I am looking at them and trying to solder things with electric soldering irons, and gradually made some wonderful works. During the fifth grade holiday, I specially created a multi-function electronic clock. On the day of registration, I brought it to the school and I was recognized by the students. I have done a good job.ugh my ideal is very good, there are people who oppose me to learn this. Once, it is the noon on Saturday. Just as I happily debugged my electronic clock, I suddenly heard a cry: “The son came out to eat.” I know.” I said, but the buttocks seem to be covered with 502 glue, sticking me tightly to the stool,I am still indifferent, why I am not willing to give up, still working good, my mother got angry again, rushed into my room and shouted: “How do you want to go out to eat? Is it ass itch? If you don’t come out again, you believe it or not. The pile of stinky garbage is sold and sold.”m afraid that my mother will really sell my useful things, and I will eat it according to what my mother said. Then he ate the meal and didn’t eat it like a mother. After hurriedly eating, I continued to get something from me, and my mother had no longer said anything. It turned out that my mother just worried that my academic performance would drop.