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Lion dance is a Chinese traditional


2:24 am
October 5, 2018



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Lion dance is a Chinese traditional folk performing arts. Under the music of the drums, the performers dress up as lions and make various forms of lion movements. Chinese folk traditions believe that lion dance can exorcise evil spirits. Therefore, every festive festival, such as the new Zhang Qingdian, the Spring Festival, etc., like to play drums and lion dances. The lion dance is also famous around the world for Chinese people to move overseas. Malaysia, Singapore and other places are quite popular with lion dance. Overseas Chinese living in Europe and the United States also form a number of lion dance clubs. Every year, the Spring Festival or major celebrations will be celebrated rigin of lion dance is different. The myth is that the lions appeared in the mountains before, and the villagers in the village were eaten. Later, the villagers learned martial arts, lions, and the villagers imitated the form of lions and became lion dances []Parliament Cigarettes[/url]. There is also a mythical version that says Buddhas are taken away by the lions. There are often “big headed Buddhas” leading the lion. It is also said that some villagers used paper lions and gongs and drums to drive away the beasts and evular in the north of the Yangtze River; while the South Lion was popular in South China, Nanyang and overseas. In recent years, there has also been a dance method that combines the two, mainly using the lion of the South Lion and the footwork of the North Lion, called the “South Lion Dape of the North Lion is similar to that of a real lion. The lion’s head is simpler and has a golden yellow hair. The lion dancers (usually two dancers) have trousers and shoes that are covered with hair. The un-dance looks like a lion of Vichy. There are red lions on the lion’s head and males on the lion’s head. The Northern Lions have a flexible movement that is different from the South Lions. Dancing is mainly based on fluttering, falling, turning, rolling, lions are usually male and female in pairs; they are pretending to be the masters of the samurai. Sometimes a pair of North Lions will be paired with a small North Lion, the Little Lion will tease the Big Lion, and the Big Lion will be happy. The North L Lion is also known as the lion []Marlboro Gold Pack[/url], and the style is more powerful. The South Lion mainly relies on the dancers’ movements to express a mighty lion style, usually only two people dance. The lion’s head is based on the play surface spectrum, the color is gorgeous, the manufacturing is exquisite; the eyes and mouth can move. Strictly speaking, the lion’s head of the South Lion is not quite like a lion’s head. Some people even think that the South Lion is closer to the Year of the Beast. The lion head of the South Lion also has a horn. It is rumored that it would have been made of iron before, in order to cope with the fighting that often occurs when lion dancing. Traditionally, the South Lion Lion Head has the distinctions of “Liu Bei” []Marlboro Menthol 100S[/url], “Guan Yu” and “Zhang Fei”. The three lion heads are not only colng, sleeping, going out, spreading, crossing the mountain, going upstairs, etc.; Through different steps, the lion head movements are used to express various shapes abstractly. Therefore, the South Lion is paying attention to the intention and the god []Newport Cigarettes Price[/url]. The South Lion has performances such as hole-out, going up the mountain, patrolling the mountain lion, picking green, and entering the hole. Among them, “picking green” is the most common. According to legend, “picking green” originally had the meaning of “anti-Qing Fuming”. At present, it is generally a matter of taking its intentions, and there is a symbol of “survival” and business prosperity. “Green” uses lettuce. Hanging the lettuce and the city (red envelope), the lion danced back in front of the “green” and hesitated. Then he jumped up and ate the green vegetables. Then he smashed the lettuce and spit it out. Greetings. In order to increase the entertainment, the green will sometimes use special stunts, such as the upper shoulder (the lion dance head standing on the shoulder of the lion’s tail), the stacking arhat, the upper pole (climbing the bamboo pole), or the plum blossoms (through the height) Not a long rd by a big bang, a big drum, and a big gong. The dance of the lion must match the rhythm of the music. Sometimes there is a person who plays the “Big Buddha” and is led by a sunflower fan.” ceremony is usually held. The ceremony was performed by the officiating guests []Marlboro Red[/url], and the cinnabar was painted on the lion’s eyes, symbolizing the giving of life.