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Looking up, the stars


3:18 am
June 24, 2019



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Looking up, the stars are full of stars, such as diamonds are dazzling. Gathered countless people’s dreams, gathered in the sky into a river. I am thin paper, my dream is a pen, and my pen writes my past and present. I am a sapling, my dream is water, let me thrive. I am a stream, my dream is to gather the sea, let me see more and more. I am a dust in the world. My dream is to find a land, let me settle down, and ask for peace Newport 100S. Life is a dream and it is complete. I, you, she, do different dreams, think about different things, but meet in a school called the school, everyone talks about their dreams, everyone squanders youth, lives in In his own small world, he is unwilling to let anyone set foot on his own territory. If you often hang on your lips, you have no regrets, do your own dreams, take your own path, and control your own life, not subject to anyone! This is youth, we are fighting in youth, mature, painful and happy, sweating, soaking one after another, whitening jeans one after another, back one after another The backpack, after writing one pen after another, wrote one after another homework teacher. My dream is that from early sleep to late, there is no endless homework, no books that can’t be finished. Do you think it can be achieved? Classmates, you are vain, and life without pursuit is sad. I have a teacher, but my pursuit is that it is not easy to achieve. Teacher, I want to ask you, is your dream of being a gardener? Classmates, the teacher had many dreams when he was a child Carton Of Cigarettes, but none of his dreams came true. I accepted the arrangement of my family Newport Cigarettes. I lived every day, and I didn��t have angry classmates. Everyone��s dreams are not necessarily their own ideals. Everyone’s dreams are not necessarily their own, but they are what the family wants us to do. We often say that no one wants to influence my decision. My dream must be my own love. Classmates, the teacher will send you a sentence, don’t try your best because you don’t love, no matter whether you love or not, you decide to accept it. Then let go of all the constraints and chase it! I remember the teacher. I asked myself, I planted the seeds of dreams, can dreams blossom? I am chasing the dream journey, can I succeed? I insist on it, can I make my dreams come true? I have analyzed dreams, dreaming while sleeping, and thinking slowly when I wake up. One day, I have thought that I want to be a man like Ma Yun. I have a lot of money. I thought that I want to be the president of the country. I have the supreme right. I thought I wanted to be a hacker. I have excellent skills. I used to I think I can save the world, I thought I would become a sleeping beauty. I once thought that I would wake up to sleep naturally. These are the dreams I have made, but they have changed with the change of time. I have given up these great dreams and buried them. My dream of flying is a white angel that I never thought about. I took the family��s expectations, and I was very slow and slowly, and slowly let it fly to the sky. This is not my original intention, but I am now Learn how to be a white angel. At this moment, I am trying my best to chase it Marlboro Cigarettes, no regrets. Maybe, after a few years Marlboro Lights, the corner of fate, let me meet the most things I want to dream come true! Oh, live in the moment, live happy, live happy, live every day is full, dreams have something to fear, dear, let go of the dream that sleeps in your heart, let fly your kite, let the dream Set sail. Let go of the soul, dance with the dream, and jump out of your own unique life.
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