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me things, it is difficult to leave a


8:52 pm
November 19, 2018


Fresh Meat

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Some things, it is difficult to leave a little image after a thousand times; some things happen only once, they will always be remembered in our hearts!s year, our family took the ��East China Airlines�� tour flight. In the blink of an eye, we flew from Nanjing to Hainan, where the warmth is full of spring, and it seems to be sitting on the magic carpet in the Arabian Nights.ya, on the south coast, is the most exciting place! Under the blue sky, the sun is transparent and the sea is clear. The hill-like boulders engraved with the “Tianya” and “Cape” stand tall between the sea and the sky, attracting tourists from all over the world. A clump of coconut trees swayed in the sea breeze []Wholesale Cigarettes Online[/url], wiping the blue sky and white clouds; layers of waves pushed from the sea abdomen, slamming the shore reefs, and igniting countless snow waves! The most fascinating thing is the golden beach, shining in the sun, tempting me to quickly take off my shoes, and the monkeys rush like a beach!hing in the coconut wind []Cheap Cigs Online Free Shipping[/url], walking on the waves, I danced and danced happily and sang! Oops, accidentally, the small nails on my left foot were turned over by the sharp reefs, and I was so painful, my mother []Cigarette Wholesale[/url], the blood was red with a sea of ??water! Oh, it��s all the troubles of the sea �C I really regret coming here for a trip!other was very distressed, and she took me with all my strength. I took a deep foot and stepped on the shore. Yan Shushu, the dark-skinned guide, hurriedly rushed, and asked anxiously, while he kept gesturing: Sesame (what happened)? Just open the belly and eat the coconut leaves (hurry to the hospital)! He is a Haikou person. He listened to what he said, and it was “sesame” and “open belly” []Cheap Cigarette[/url]. I couldn’t help but laugh, and even forgot the pain! In a blink of an eye, he sweated and shouted two three-wheeled cards. The thin grandmother took me on the bus and rushed to the hospital []Wholesale Cigarettes For Resale[/url]. the way, the car was steady and fast, and the uncle clothes driving drenched and wrapped tightly on the body! When I arrived at the hospital, it was unfortunate that it was lunch time. The doctor saw it. When I didn��t say anything, I was busy. I was trying to dress up with the drug. The nurse��s aunt gave me a shot of ��breaking resistance��. That meticulous and serious, can’t make people not touched! The uncle who drove, but has been hungry, waiting outside the hospital door, for fear that we can not recognize the way back.he hotel, I limped and insisted on climbing the stairs. Some people praised me behind me. The little girl was brave. It was amazing! Then he was gently backed up. It turned out to be the grandfather of China, the old professor of “China Southern Airlines” who was engaged in helicopters. As he climbed the stairs carefully, he comforted me softly and whispered: “Oh, the helicopter takes off!” I steadily fell on his wide back, looking at his sweaty white hair, listening to him. Breathing, I was moved to tears! When I went back to the table, everyone gathered together, worried about asking questions and asking questions, and forgot to hungry, waiting for me to open a meal! My nose is sour, I think, just a small thing has een going on for many days, and the blue sea and the blue coconut palms and golden beaches, although far away from the sky, seem to be close at hand! Because I can’t forget the unrestrained Yan Shushu, busy and careful doctors, the workers who open the three-wheeled card for others, and the kind and interesting old professors. Their help and love are always treasured in my memory. In the box, that is the most valuable and most memorable.