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my first one, come and get me!!!!


8:45 am
June 29, 2008

i K O N

Fresh Meat

Posts: 8



burned by the flame too many times,
i live a life of rhyme, catered by crime.
both sides push as i inhale,
another catalog rapper who cant make bail.
crushed ice and velvet ropes can blind most fools,
while the real soldiers crush skulls like blood makes pools.
You should probably stay in school,
because anal rape aint really that cool.
Your incineration during entry was spectacular.
Just like my venacular.
I get paranoid and start zipping body bags,
before the cops come, start a fire with an oil rag.
Life might cut you some slack,
But I doubt it.
Your a little fag, that has just been outted.

I know what I know and I know what I don’t know so I guess I know most of it.


2:23 am
June 30, 2008



Posts: 86


You got the right idea. But some of the build-ups didn’t work well with the deliveries. “You should probably stay in school / Anal rape ain’t cool. ” You tried to hard for the rhyme instead of the message. Keep going though, you can only get better. Props for the attempt and welcome to Shadowville.

Till my body collapses from my drug relapses / I’ll be spitting harder on the tracks than any other rapper / With my down south tactics, and my ghetto accent / I still remain the greatest with words since Scholastic

2:26 am
June 30, 2008

P Rodd


Posts: 17

Elk River MN


you rap about weak s**t you aint that comprehensive

your a dumb muthaf**ka a f****t now thats offensive

but let me show you how its done its not that hard to rap

just to let you know my rhymes can give you a heart attack

my rhymes are like poison injected in your skin

when im done with you, you aint gonna ever wanna rap again

you rap like your white there aint know way your f**kin african

you think this is funny b*tch i dare you to laugh again

i know your all talk f**kin fake punk snitch

come to my hood 100 bucks says i make you my b*tch

you claim to be burned ready to get burned again

you can rap thats cool but when are you gonna learn to win

just quit rappin you suck dont try to be a thug

b*tches want me cuz im real and plus im addicting like a drug,

but its funny when you try you need to learn to type raps

you just git f**ked up bro dont even bother to write back


P Rodd

4:45 am
June 30, 2008



Posts: 1867



to get s**t clear now. PRODD, U CAN DO 1 BATTLE AT A TIME. and u cant post ur verses here, u have to make the new topic. stop answerin a callout wit a verse and read the f**kin rules (not only u, errbody new also makes this mistake)

monkey see, monkey do

12:19 pm
July 4, 2008

i K O N

Fresh Meat

Posts: 8



b*tch! dont f**k with me!
I come from oak cliff, some call it the o.c.
You need to learn to spell
cause your inpersonation of a black man
aint going so well.

What makes u think im white?
Is it because i can spell when i write?
is it because your white?
white on the insides.
white as white out when u write out those lies.

I hope your not black.
cause people like you always hold the race back.
Your own race hates you like your father.
Oh wait, i bet he didnt bother
to be a man.
Thats why your on the internet
talking all this s**t

I bet u think u ballin when u get ur little check
call up ur girl and forget she looks like shrek
buy her some patron
cause her moms aint home
get her ass pregnant on the family couch………..

I know what I know and I know what I don’t know so I guess I know most of it.