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remember when I first transferred t


8:53 pm
November 19, 2018


Fresh Meat

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remember when I first transferred to Jinan, it was September of this year. I feel a little uncomfortable with the new school’s study life. Although there are not many homework assignments every day, there are a lot of things that I have to recite. It is totally different from my previous school. I used to write a lot of homework and I have a little back. And I am very slow to carry things []Wholesale Newports[/url], so I often worry about it. In the past, when I encountered difficulties, I thought of my mother’s comfort; now my mother has not transferred to Jinan to work []Cheap Cigarette[/url], so I can only be anxious.ay, the teacher arranged to recite a long text, and my heart suddenly panicked. “Ah! So long, when is it going to be back?” I was surprised. The students who have long been accustomed to carrying many things are complacent at the side, saying that it is easy to carry these things, and they will be familiar with them for a while. I also tried to adjust my mindset so that I can successfully complete my memorization.n I got home, I finished the other assignments and quickly took out the book and quickly turned to the one that requested the back, forcing myself to go back. However, I was frustrated soon, because I had been back for half an hour and had not yet passed a paragraph. At that time, I remembered my mother. I was eager to have a phone call with her. Besides, I haven’t seen her for two weeks. I grew up with her and violently left her, and I felt a little uncomfortable. up my phone and went to the balcony and sat down. I pressed the familiar 11 digits and I put the phone on my ear and looked forward to it. “��”, “��”, “��”, a sound has passed, and I haven��t heard my mother��s voice; I feel uneasy when I listen to my weak breathing. Until the 9th, “Hey?” I heard the familiar voice of my mother, I was excited. My fingers touched the phone gently, and my hand shook very badly. At that time, I couldn’t speak, and mother repeated the words just now, with no change. I was afraid that my mother would hang up and tried to say, “Mom” “Yangyang, what?” said the gentleman. At this time, my mother must realize that I am crying, and I am shy []Cheap Newports[/url]. I decided to break the jar and tell my mother all my heart. Because of this, I can get the sympathy of my mother, but also relieve my heavy feelings.he study here is quite tight!” I said with a big mouth. “Well, you talk about it.” Mother listened patiently to me. “There are too many things to back here!” I began to plausibly sing. “This language teacher seems to be honest, respectful to the leadership of the parents, and strict requirements for the students; although it is always a smile, but the fire is more powerful than anyone else.” I took two breaths. Mom suddenly realized: “Ah! When I went to report with your father, I saw him quite honest. How could he actually be like this?” “Well—-” I said with a hoarse long sound.e also let us carry all the key texts back []Marlboro Lights Cigarettes[/url], the words can not be wrong, but also said that to compete for the first place in the calendar area, this is not enough, he still let back 118 sentences and read! As soon as I heard this, I was uneasy.” “Well, it��s stricter than that school. But this is not what we wfor a while and suddenly said to me with confidence: “Then I will study hard, see if he is strict, or drop out of school. I am looking forward to your progress!” Mom��s words suddenly made me excited. At the same time, it adds a bit of confidence in learning.w on my wet eyes, and I felt a bit cool. “Good, I will work hard.” I said firmly. I suddenly felt a strong driving force in my body. I stood up and rushed to the study, slammed down, read the text with gusto, and then recited it in a short while. I immediately let the cockroach check, and I was shocked and said that I was too familiar with it, there was no mistake and pause. I acame accustomed to this kind of study life; back to various texts and poems, much faster than before. Every morning, I insisted on getting up at 5:30 and carrying the contents of each class. When I encounter difficulties []Cigarette Wholesale[/url], I always think of the words that my mother said: I want to